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Tuesday, February 11, 2:00-5:00 p.m.,

The Media History Research Centre invites you to join us for –
What Was Media Archaeology?

Media archaeology – what is it, and why do we keep hearing about it? Is it an innovative approach to media history or a re-packaging of standard historical methods?
This afternoon event consists of two panels of scholars commenting on the merits and status of Media Archaeology. Featured commentators include Bill Buxton (Communication Studies), Elena Razlogova (History), Haidee Wasson (Cinema), Sandra Gabriale (Communication Studies), Jason Camelot (English), Jeremy Stolow (Communication Studies), and Darren Wershler (English).

This event is free. Come and join the debate!

Administration Building, Room AD-308

Loyola Campus
Concordia University


CURC Communication Studies and CURC Media and Contemporary Literature

Contact: Charles Acland