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Robin Chetwynd

A Cut Above
Adult Bicycle Safety
Aurora on Target
Bicycle Safety
Big Thunder
Canada Savings Bonds 1977
Canada, We Love You : Pontiac / Buick, Parts 1 and 2
Canadian and American Super V
Canadian Diabetic Association
Canadian Diabetic Spot : Symptoms
Canadian Grand Prix : The Mythmakers
Canadian Ski Alliance : One Good Turn
Castrol Trillium Rally
Cawartha International
CTV Featurettes : Football Profiles
CTV Football Special : CFL in Action
Diabetes Symptoms
Du Maurier International 1966
Du Maurier International 1967
Du Maurier International 1968 a World Cup Event
Family Property Law
Five Courses for Horses
General Motors Dealer Show
Goldcup Race Mosport : Super V
Heritage Canada : Senior Citizen's - Ottawa Visit Wilderness Camp Morley
Honda St. Jovite - A Sunday Drive
I.A.P.A. Conference Forklift Competition
I.A.P.A. Conference Wherever People Work
Junior Nations Cup
Labatt Pro Challenge : Blue Mountain (Collingwood, Ontario)
Labatts Canadian Grand Prix Mosport
Labatts Challenge Series : Alberta
Labatts Challenge Series : British Columbia
Labatts Challenge Series : Maritimes
Labatts Challenge Series : Ontario
Labatts Challenge Series : Quebec City
Labatts Datsun Freestyle
Labatts Formula 5000 Mosport
Labatts Pro Challenge : Blue Mountain (Collingwood, Ontario)
Litton Systems Limited
Masters Track and Field
Me and Sam McGee
Miss Canada Pageant
Motorcycle Grand Prix
Motorsport Canada 1975
My Car, My Love
Nascar Cayuga
Nascar Sanair
New Limbs - New Lives
One Good Turn
Our Thing
Players Atlantic 1973
Players Challenge Series (Alberta)
Players Challenge Series (Manitoba)
Players Challenge Series (Maritimes)
Players Challenge Series (Newfoundland)
Players Challenge Series (Ontario)
Players Challenge Series (Pacific)
Players Challenge Series (Quebec)
Players Challenge – Alberta
Players Manitoba 1973
Players Ontario 1973
Players Pacific 1973
Players Preview : The Faster They Run
Players Quebec 1973
Profile of a Pro : CTV Football Featurettes : Russ Jackson
Rothman's Police Curling
Scarf Clip Demo
Schenley Awards 1975
Seatbelt Safety
Shell Freestyle Ski Camp Fortune
Shell Ski Jump 70 Meter
Shell Ski Jump 90 Meters
Stampede Chuckwagon
Stampede Pot Pourri
Star Maple Leaf Indoor Games
The Challengers
The Hidden Treasure
The Ileostomist
The International Auto Warranty
The President's Speech : President of General Motors
The Queen's Plate : Canadian Tradition
Uniroyal World Junior Curling Championship (Aviemore, Scotland)
Wimpey News 2
World Junior Curling Championship
Your Back and Common Sense