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"Ex" Marks the Spot
1950 Grey Cup Final
The 1950 Stanley Cup
1960 Harmsworth Trophy
1963 Players' 200
1964 Players 200
1964 Players' 200
1965 the Year of the Double Win
1969 Can-Am Race
1971 Can-Am Race
1978 Blue Jays Highlights
1982 Canadian Curling Championship Skips
2 Points North
25e trophées Schenley
A Champion Is Born
A Family Affair
A Feel for the Game
Advanced Rock Climbing
Air Canada Silver Broom 1978
Air Canada Silver Broom 1980
Algonquin Adventure
All Joking Astride
Allons-y tous ensemble
Alouette Football Highlights of 1962
Alouette Football Highlights of 1963
At the Sandpits
Athletes in Action
Attack – Offence
Attacking and Defensive Shots
Autumn in Alberta
Autumn Salmon
Back in '22
Ballet of the Mermaids
Banff's Golf Challenge
Basic Curling Strategy : Draw vs. Take-Out
Basic Rock Climbing
Basic Shots
The Battered Mug
Be Water Wise
Big Four Highlights of 1951
Big Four Highlights of 1953
The Big Letdown
Big Thunder
Boating and Good Sense
Bobby Orr Story
Breezing Along
British Columbia Sports
Bronco Busters
Calgary Coach
Calgary Stampede
Calgary Stampede 1964
[Camp-école, Trois-Saumons]
Canada Cup Featurette
Canada Cup Trophy
Canada's Capital on Skis
Canada's Cradle of Curling
Canada's East Coast Playground
Canadian and American Super V
Canadian Grand Prix : The Mythmakers
Canadian Headlines of 1946
Canadian Headlines of 1947
Canadian Headlines of 1948
Canadian Headlines of 1949
Canadian Headlines of 1950
Canadian Headlines of 1951
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1962
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1963
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1964
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1965
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1966
Canadian Ski Alliance : One Good Turn
Canadian Ski Preview
Canoeing the North Country
Canoeman's Wilderness
Carnival on Skates
Castrol Trillium Rally
Cawartha International
Cayuga Victoria Day
CBC Fillers
Centennial Grey Cup
Challenge : The Story of the 1978 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Champions of Endurance
Championship Wrestling
Charge from Down Under
City of Playgrounds
Course en canot
Cross Canada Sports Clinic
Cross Country on Skis
Crystal Ballet
CTV Featurettes : Football Profiles
CTV Football Special : CFL in Action
Design for Swimming
Dominion Day Crowds Witness World Champion Sprinters in Action at Hastings Park
Down by the Sea
Du Maurier International 1966
Du Maurier International 1967
Du Maurier International 1968 a World Cup Event
Edmonton Omniplex
En Mauricie
Equilibrium très mince
Everybody's Wedeln
Exploration fonctionnelle en médecine sportive : la mesure de la dépense énergétique
Fair and Cold
Fall Line
Fencer's Art
Ferguson/Wilson Racing
Fight for Fame
Fighters of the Deep
Figure Skating
First Beehive Giant Slalom
First Canadian Winter Games : Quebec 1967
Fitness at Forty
Five Courses for Horses
Floor Hockey Drill
Football Coaching Films
Football Fax
Football Fever
Frenchy Bélanger Versus Ernie Jarvis
From Hack to House
Fun Skiing
Fundamental Canoeing
Game Strategy
Goal Keeping
Goal Tenders NHL
Goldcup Race Mosport : Super V
Golf and Grandeur
Golf on the Gold Trail
Golfing Through Canada
Grand Prix Canada 1967
Great Moments in Canadian Sports : Volume I, 1900 - 1950
Great Moments in Canadian Sports : Volume II, The Fabulous Fifties
Great Moments in Canadian Sports : Volume III, Sensational Sixties
Grey Cup 1954
Grey Cup 1962
Grey Cup 1965
Grey Cup 1966
Grey Cup Philharmonic
High Country Ski Thrills in the Canadian Rockies
High Powder
Highlights of the International Golf Rules
Hiking on Top of the World
Hockey Canada's National Game
Hockey Cavalcade
Hockey Champions
Hockey Hints
Hockey Stars' Summer
Hockey Versus Xokken
Honda St. Jovite - A Sunday Drive
Hot and Happy
Hot Hickory : Featuring the Skiing of Ernie McCulloch
How to Score More Goals
Ice Flight
Ice Rally in Quebec
Ici et là [1950]
Ici les Laurentides
Il lance et compte!
International Soccer
Into the Sunlight
An Introduction to the Art of Figure Skating
Introduction to the Game
Jean Béliveau Story
Jeux olympiques spéciaux
Jockey Training
John Fisher Spots : Centennial Overtures
Judging Elementary Figures
July Jamboree
Just for Me
Kimberley in the Kootenays
Kootenay Lake Holiday
La Technique du ski
Labatt Challenge Series : Wrap Up 1977
Labatt Pro Challenge : Blue Mountain (Collingwood, Ontario)
Labatts Canadian Grand Prix Mosport
Labatts Challenge Series : Alberta
Labatts Challenge Series : British Columbia
Labatts Challenge Series : Manitoba
Labatts Challenge Series : Maritimes
Labatts Challenge Series : Ontario
Labatts Challenge Series : Quebec City
Labatts Challenge Series : St. Felicien
Labatts Datsun Freestyle
Labatts Formula 5000 Mosport
Labatts Motor Cross
Labatts Pro Challenge : Blue Mountain (Collingwood, Ontario)
Lake and River Kayaking
Lake of Bays Regatta
Lakehead Nipigon Holiday
Land of Blue Water
Land of the Ski-Hawk
Laurentian Ski Week-end in Quebec
Laurentian Snowland