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"Most Lovely Country" : British Columbia
007 : A License to Make a Killing
100,000 chevaux sous le Saint-Laurent
100,000 Children
1950 Grey Cup Final
The 1950 Stanley Cup
1960 Harmsworth Trophy
1960 Harnsworth : Picton, Canada
1963 Players' 200
1964 Players 200
1964 Players' 200
1965 the Year of the Double Win
1978 Blue Jays Highlights
1982 Canadian Curling Championship Skips
2 Points North
25e trophées Schenley
4-H Clubs of Alberta
8th World Jamboree 1955
A Canadian Mosaic
A Century of Canadian Medicine
A Century of Service
A Champion Is Born
A Chance... In Sight
A Change of Pace
A Cruise for Sunday
A Crystal from the Sun
A Day at Polymer
A Day at the Calgary Zoo
A Doctor with Care
A Double in Bluefins
A Family Affair
A Far Cry
A Feel for the Game
A Look Behind the Big B.A.
A Matter of Form
A Nation in Touch
A New Future Lies North
A New Way to Make Lead
A Pictorial Review of Crippled Children
A Salmon for Junior
A Ship Is Born
A six ans, un magnétophone
A Step in the Right Direction
A Walk in the Forest
A Wedding Trip from Montreal Through Canada to Hong Kong
A Wee Dram (Scotch on the Rocks)
A Year of Remembering : Manitoba 100
A... Is for Apple
Abitibi Canyon : A Story of a Conquest of a River
Accidentally Yours [1950]
Accidentally Yours [1952]
Achievement - A Story of the Manufacture of Stainless and Specialty Alloy Steels
Achievement: the Story of a Store
Ack Ack
Across Canada
Across Canada by CPR
Action on the Columbia
Ad Jesum Per Mariam
Adieu, Monsieur le professeur
Adult Bicycle Safety
Adventure in Colour
Adventure in Telezonia
After the Harvest
Ahoy Subway Cars
Air Cadet Story
Air Canada at Expo
Air Canada Silver Broom 1978
Air Canada Silver Broom 1980
Alaska and the Yukon
Alberta Fishing Is Fun
Alberta Vacation
Algonquin Adventure
All Clear
All for Canada : A Story of TCA in the War
All the Little Ships
Allons-y tous ensemble
Along Pioneer Trails
Along the Gaspé Road
Alouette Football Highlights of 1962
Alpine Bread
Alumina Jamaica
Aluminum in Architecture
Aluminum Pipe Welding by Machine
An Adventure in Taste
An Adventure into Chocolateland : A Harvest of Energy
An Apple a Day
An Architect at Work
An Empire Link
An Open Bible
Anatomy of Paper
Angler's Autumn
An Angler's Idyll
The Annual Varsity Scrap
Another Choice
Applications thermiques du bâtiment
Apprentissage et mouvement
Arctic Adventure
Are You Safe at Home?
Are You Warm to the Touch?
Armoured Corps
Army Medical Corps
Arrêtez! C'est la loi
Artery for Oil
Arthritis and Allied Conditions
Artists of the Range
Asbestos... A Matter of Time
Assignment Safety
At Your Fingertips
Atelier de travail sur la gestion scolaire I
Atelier de travail sur la gestion scolaire II
Atlas Tool Steels
Atomic Energy in Canada
Attack – Offence
Attacking and Defensive Shots
Attracting Birds in Winter
Au lac Waconichi
Au service des camionneurs
Au seuil de l'opératoire
Au-delà des murs
Audiovision no 17
Aujourd'hui... pour demain
Auprès de ma blonde
Aurora on Target
Avalanche : A Tribute to the Trackmen of CP Rail
Ayers High Grade Felts
Babel P.Q.
Back on Our Feet
Baking Tea Biscuits
Banff's Golf Challenge
Bas de laine et papier-monnaie
Basic Shots
Bass in the Hand
The Battered Mug
Be Water Wise
Beans of Bounty
Beautiful Bonne Bay
Beauty to Live with
The Beaver People
Bedtime Story
Beef Steaks
Beer at Its Best
Behind the Label
Behind Your Clock
Better Times Through Tea Times
Betwixt and Between
Beverly Hillbillies
Beyond the Steel
Beyond the Sunset
Bicycle Safety
Bienvenue a bord
Big City Paper
Big Four Highlights of 1951
Big Four Highlights of 1953
Big Island
The Big Letdown
Big Six
Big Thunder
Bill's in Business Now
Biography of a Disaster
Biological Control of Insect Pests Series No. 1 - Parasites of the European Corn Borer
Blanking and Piercing
Block to Slab to Sheet
Bluenose Holiday
Blueprint of a City
Boating and Good Sense
Bobby Orr Story
Bois et forêts 71
Bonanza at Great Bear
Bonjour monsieur Turgeon
Brampton Builds a Car
Break Through at Alcan
The Brewsters of Banff
Brian Adams, C.L.U.
Bright Century
The Bright Path
Bristol Britannia
Britain's Future King
British Success in Canadian Farming
Broken Doll
Building a Fine Paper Machine
Building Bird Houses
Building for the Future
Bull of the Woods : Gibson and the Hoo Hoo
Bulwarks of Freedom
Business Barometer
But What Are We Doing?
By Map and Compass
Byways of New France