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Promotional films

A Cut Above
Achievement: the Story of a Store
An Adventure in Automation
All Clear
Allons-y tous ensemble
Alouette Football Highlights of 1962
Alouette Football Highlights of 1963
Ambassador Extraordinary
Athletes in Action
Atlantic Container Line the Atlantic Revolution
Back on Our Feet
Barbados West Indian Wonderland
Battling Blue Fins
Beef Steaks
Better Times Through Tea Times
Big Thunder
Bill's in Business Now
Bluenose Shore
Byways of New France
Campus on the Move
Canada Savings Bonds 1977
Canada's Carpet Craftsmen
Canada's Last West
Canada, We Love You : Pontiac / Buick, Parts 1 and 2
Canadian Dental Association : Trailer
Canadian Pattern
Careers in Canadian Life Insurance Underwriting
Careers in Canadian Medicine
Charlie Beil Story : Television Promos
Combine Calvacade
Cotton Made in Canada
Cranberry Village
The Cream Industry
Cross Canada Sports Clinic
CUSO in Education
CUSO in Health
CUSO in Technology
CUSO in the Caribbean
De l'eau à la bouche
Diefenbaker Campaign Spots
Do It All Service
Doing More for Less
Doorstep of Opportunity
Dutch Treat
Économat - l'économiste
Edmonton Omniplex
Éducation physique
Electrified Farming
Elephant Country
Every Man's Wilderness
Expo 67 : A Preview
The Face of Saskatchewan
Fashion in '63
Ferguson/Wilson Racing
The Five Faces of Quebec
Four Seasons
Fun Skiing
Giants of the New Frontier
Glidden Spred Wall Paint
Golf and Grandeur
Graduates for Tomorrow
A Great Day for Flying
Healthy Livestock : Quality Guaranteed
Heap Busy Indians
Hello Toronto
Helping the Helpless
High Powder
Histoire de l'art
Holiday Island
Hospital for Sick Children
How Ale Is Made
How Shoes Are Made
Investment in Canada
Items of Interest
Je m'universifie
Jeux olympiques spéciaux
A Journey to Contentment
L'Informatique et la recherche opérationnelle
La Diététique
La Faculté de musique de l'Université de Montréal
La Géologie
La Mode en '64
La Psycho-éducation
Lake of the Woods
Last Minute Clothing News
Les Laurentides sous la neige
Le Foyer du progrès
Let's Look at New Brunswick
Liaison III
Light for the Mind
The Long Furrow
Look to the Centre
Médecine vétérinaire
Miracle on Every Street
Mr. Barnaby Sleeps in the Sky
New Concepts in Hi-Rise Construction
New Forests for Old
New Wonders with Wieners
Noranda Enterprise
North Superior Shore
Northwest Miramichi
Olympic Promo
On the Beam
One of Canada's Leading Hotels
Our Thing
Peace of Mind
Pidgin Land
Players 200 1965 Snowscout
Pollution Bag
A Portrait of Canadian Wines
Présence culturelle du Québec
Pride of Possession
Puttin' On the Ritz
Queen's Engineering
Robin Front End Loader
Robin Grain Augur
Robin Hood
Robin Tillage Equipment : The Robin Rod Weeder
Rogers Pass
Seeing Is the Biggest Thing in Selling
She Walks in Beauty
Shooting Is Fun
Silver Harvest
Ski in the Valley of the Saints
Skiing in the Laurentians
Sky Trails in the Bear Country
Song the Map Sings
Song the Map Sings
Spirit of Service
Sunshine Skiing
Swift Family Robinson
Tabusintac Holiday
Teamwork in Action
Tempo : Canada
That's Shell Service
The Avro Jetliner
The Beautiful Nipigon
The Breadwinner
The Canadian Heritage
The Cinderella Township
The Classic Nipigon
The Construction of Canada's Largest Apartment Building
The Fashion Picture
The Fishing Parson
The Fur Industry in Canada
The Gasline
The Gateway of the North : City of North Bay
The Golden Leaf
The Golden Triangle
The Grand Tour
The Helicopter at Work
The Home Economics Story
The International Auto Warranty
The Land of Ancestral Gods
The Order of Good Cheer
The Plywood Story
The Powerful Horseshoe
The President's Speech : President of General Motors
The Road to Plenty
The Search for Truth
The Vacation Land of Algoma
The Want of a Suitable Playhouse
The Waterloo Trip
Thermal Snow Melters
These Names Live On
This Is Litton Systems (Canada) Limited
This Is Simon Fraser University
Le Tour du monde en 80 modes
The Triangle Tour
Under Fire
Underground 1129
United Way : Joe Clark
University of Waterloo II
University of Waterloo Promo, 1983
University of Windsor : A Place to Live and Learn
The Uses of Explosives in Clearing New Farms and Rejuvenating Old Ones
Vacances d'hiver à Montréal et dans les Laurentides
Vacation in Jasper
Voyageur Country
Water on Tap
What Came First
Where Winter's a Pleasure
White Days - Red Nites
Wimpy Construction : No Fines Houses
Winter Road Maintenance Equipment
Wonder out of Wood
Les Yeux ouverts
You and Me
Your Choice
[Area Serviced by the Ontario Northland Railway]
[Film politique de Roméo Lorrain]
[Goose Shooting at James Bay]