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Manufacturing an Eight Inch High Explosive Howitzer Shell at the Works of the John Bertram and Sons Company, Ltd., Dundas, Ontario, Canada
100,000 chevaux sous le Saint-Laurent
The 5th Ingredient
Achievement - A Story of the Manufacture of Stainless and Specialty Alloy Steels
An Adventure in Automation
Ale and Artie
All for Canada : A Story of TCA in the War
Alouette - Canada's First Satellite
Ambassador Extraordinary
An Adventure in Taste
An Adventure into Chocolateland : A Harvest of Energy
The Anti-Tank Mine Mark V
Artists of the Range
Atlas Tool Steels
Au service des camionneurs
Avon in Canada
Ayers High Grade Felts
The Beautiful Necessity
Behind the Label
Better Times Through Tea Times
The Black Diamond of South West Africa
Block to Slab to Sheet
Bluenose Schooner
Brampton Builds a Car
Canada Produced
Canada's Carpet Craftsmen
Canadair Family Day
Canadian Products : On Which the Sun Never Sets
Canadian Woolens for Warmth and Beauty
Carstairs, Tell the People
Cast Iron Boiler Assembly
Cellophane : Symbol of Progress
Certo : Jelly and Jam Session
The Chain Saw Story
Coffee for Canadians
Cotton Made in Canada
A Crystal from the Sun
A Day at Polymer
The Dosco Story
Downside Adjustments
Drilling, Boring and Reaming Work
Extrusion Squeezed to Shapeliness
Fabricating Processes
Family Album
Food of the Gods : The Romance of the Cocoa Bean
Four Amazing Alloys
[Frigidaire Factory Tour]
General Motors Dealer Show
The Golden Leaf
The Golden Triangle
Guns for Victory
Hard Rock Mechanized Mining
Here's How
How Shoes Are Made
How to Machine Aluminum
I Am a Country
In All Thy Sons Command
In the Balance
In Vulcan's Workshop
Iron, Fire and Men
Jamaica Flavour
A Journey to Contentment
Kerja Sama... Working Together
Know Your Suit
Land of Sky Blue Waters
The Lastex Story
Let's Go to the Woods
Liquid Beauty
Liquid Gold
Lithic Technology : Microcores and Microblades
Litton Systems Limited
Look to the Centre
[The Manufacture and Use of Corrugated Containers]
The Manufacture of "Bonna" Steel Cylinder Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe
The Manufacture of Woollen Cloth
[Manufacturing of Wool Blankets]
Master of Fire
Meat on the Move
The Milky Way
Miner Family Enterprise
The Miracle of a Locomotive
Neighbours in Enterprise
New Mill... New Richmond
New Nova Scotia
New Ways of Cutting Metal
Next Time You Spill the Beans
The Ninth Element
Northern Front
Northern Telecom : The Innovators
Now It Can Be Told
On to Victory
One Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Our Polymer World
Packaged Power
Packaged Power II
Paper, the Lifeblood of Business
The Patient Men
People with a Purpose
The Perpetual Harvest
The Plywood Story
Le Porc à bacon
A Portrait of Canadian Wines
Profit by Design
Revue filmée du téléphone
The Saga of Safety Sam
Science : Seedbed of Industry
La Science de la production laitière
Science, Seedbed of Industry
The Second Gift
She Walks in Beauty
Sinews of Industry
Song the Map Sings
Song the Map Sings
St. Laurent : The Man and His Country
Steel for the West
Stocking Romance
The Story of a Blouse
The Story of a Brush
The Story of Cellophane
Technical Control
This Generation
This Generation : A Prairie Romance
This Is Litton Systems (Canada) Limited
The Thousand Days
Tire Machinery
Le Tissu de notre histoire
To Build a Better World
Today's Paper
Together We Serve
Tools of War
Towel Tale
Two Related Industries
Vision for Victory
Waste Not
Why Nova Scotia
Wings of Youth
Wonder out of Wood
Wool from the Fleece to the Finished Product