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First Nations

Adventure High Arctic
Alaska : Cruise Style!
Angles on Angling
The Annanacks
L'Anse Tabatière
Arctic Goose Hunt
Arctic Journey : A Photographic Record of His Excellency The Governor General’s Visit to the Canadian Arctic
The Arctic Patrol
Arkutik : A Baffin Adventure
Baie d'Hudson
Banff : The Capital of the Alpine Playground of the Canadian Rockies
The Beaver Makes a Comeback
Bella Coola Indians of British Columbia
Blackfoot Indians of Alberta
Box of Treasures
[C.S.S. Baffin '75]
Calgary Stampede 1964
Calgary Stampede : Banff Indian Days
Canada Moves North
Canadian Mountain Summer
Le Canot d'écorce
The Carrier Indians of British Columbia
Castors du Québec
Cheenama the Trailmaker : An Indian Idyll of Old Ontario
City of Rivers
Coast Salish Indians of British Columbia
Colour in the West
The Colours of Pride
Corral and Cree Indians
Cowboy's Holiday
Craftsmen of Canada
Death of a Delta
Dogrib Treaty
Eagles on the River
The Face of Saskatchewan
Fires of Spring
Fish and Medicine Men
Footholds : Research for South America's Rural Poor
Gibraltar of Canada
Glooscap Country
Grey Owl's Strange Guests
Heap Busy Indians
I Was Born Here
The Igloo Dwellers
Ikpuck the Igloo Dweller
In the Shadow of the Pole
Indian Days
Indian Days in the Canadian Rockies
Indian Fishing Methods Fraser River
Indiens de la Mauricie
Les Indiens du Haut Saint-Maurice
Inniun nipatakanu
Introduction to Labrador
Inupiatun : In the Manner of The Eskimo
It Starts with a Whisper
Jenny's Arctic Diary
Ka Ke Ki Ku
Kawartha Muskys
Kinai Chieftanship
Kitkatla : A Community Involvement in Education
Kootenay Indians of British Columbia
Kueste tshe skamit : l'autre monde ou le territoire des âmes
Kumak, the Sleepy Hunter
The Kwakiutl of British Columbia
Land Is Our Culture
The Land Is the Culture : The Case for the B.C. Indian Land Claims
Last Chance for Discovery
Legend of the Raven
The Loon's Necklace
The Lure of the Labrador
[Mackenzie Park]
Maintain the Right
Making a Totem Pole
Man's Adaptability to Cold (Polar People)
Manitoba Trails
La Manouan
McLain of Hudson's Bay : The Fletcher Affair
Mistashipu : la grande rivière
Mushuau innu
Nass River Indians
Native Religious Traditions
The Netsilik Eskimo Today
The Newcomers : The Prologue
Ninan nitassinan
Ninstints : Shadow Keepers of the Past
Nootka Indians of British Columbia
North to Hudson Bay
North with the Bishop of the Arctic
Northern Dialogue
Northwest Rebellion : 1885
Northwest Territories
Ntesi nana shepen : on disait que c'était notre terre, partie 1
Ntesi nana shepen : on disait que c'était notre terre, partie 2
Ntesi nana shepen : on disait que c'était notre terre, partie 3
Ntesi nana shepen : on disait que c'était notre terre, partie 4
Nunatsiaq : The Good Land
Paquashipu : la rivière sèche
Parki-Parka : un mois à la baie d'Hudson
La Peau d'orignal
People of the Far North
Peoples of Canada [revised version]
La Petite industrie chez les Indiens
Petroglyphs : Images in Stone
Potlatch : Strict Law Bids Us Dance
Pow Wowing with the Kootenays
The Quality of a Nation
The Radiant Rockies
The Romance of Huronia
The Sacred Circle
The Sacred Circle - Recovery
Saving the Sagas
Seal Hunt
The Seaport of the Prairies
Second Look at Canada
Serpent River Paddlers
Shuswap Indians of British Columbia
Sky Watch on 55
Spirit of Stone
Stoney Indians of Alberta
Summer of the Loucheux : A Portrait of a Northern Indian Family
Through the Northwest Passage
Tight Lines
To Know the Hurons
Tony Hunt, Kwakiutl Artist
Totem Land
Toutes isles
Trail of 1898
The Triangle Tour
Tsimshian Indians of Skeena River British Columbia
Village in the Dust
The Wealth of the Nation
A Year of Remembering : Manitoba 100