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Abitibi Canyon : A Story of a Conquest of a River
Artery for Oil
The Avro Jetliner
Avro Special Project Y
Barrage sur la Bersimis
Behind Your Clock
The Builders
Building a Fine Paper Machine
Building a Modern Grain Elevator
Building to a Different Drummer
Câbles sous-marins
Canadian Light Alloy Assault Bridge
Canyon of Destiny
[Careers of Engineers]
Chabot Solo, Part 1
The Chippawa Canal
A Cinematic View of Kinematics
Cone in Space
The Constructive Inconvenience
Douglas Point Nuclear Power Station : Design and Construction
Energy from the Atom
Enough and for All
Fiberglas RP Bathrooms at Habitat
Futures in Oil
Getting Around
The Harbour Bridge
Harnessing the South Saskatchewan
The Hopper
Horizons nouveaux
Hydro Development on the Severn River
The Jet Age
Kitsilano Solar House
Line in Space : Cone Method
Line in Space : Double Auxiliary Views
Line in Space : Piercing Points
Line in Space : Single Auxiliary Views
La Machine à vapeur - Physique et rationalité
Mechanical Engineering
Mica : Key to the Columbia
A Mile Below the Wheat
The Missing Link : The Story of an Airfield in Labrador-Ungava
My Car, My Love
Natural Gas Goes East
New Dimensions
No Detours
No Ordinary Highway
Nuclear Fuel Waste Research : The Canadian Program
Objective Energy
The Oxy-Acetylene Depositing of Stellite
Packaged Power
Packaged Power II
Par-dessus nos rivières
Photographic Study of Unsteady Flow Phenomena in Rotating Impeller Passages
Picking Locks
Pipe Line Patrol
Pipeline for Progress
Piping Hot
The Plywood Story
Plywood World
Point in Space
Power Development on the Nipigon River
Power from the Atom
Power Line to Kitimat
The Powerful Horseshoe
Project North Star
Queen's Engineering
Road Block
Saving by Design : Building with Life Cycle Costing
Sky Watch on 55
The Solar Frontier
Soleil d'hiver
Structural Aluminum Fabrication
Tapping Niagara's Power Resources
This Is Husky
This Nuclear Age
To the Top
The Truesteel Affair
Two Phase Annular Flow
Underground East
Underground Oil Express
Up to Standard
VIA Pipeline
Wastewater Technology Center
The Waterloo Trip
What Kind of World Do You Want?