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Emigration and immigration

Arts of the New Canadians
Beyond the Sunset
Black Creek Pioneer Village
British Success in Canadian Farming
Canada's New Farmland
Canada's Scots at Banff
Canada, The New Homeland
Canadian Headlines of 1949
The Canadian Heritage
Chinese Community : Wai-Yee and Wah-Hon, British Columbia
Christmas in Pioneer Times
Clan Donald : A British Farm Colony
Education and Recreation
The Education of the New Canadian
En pays pittoresque : un documentaire sur la Gaspésie
English Training for Canadian Farming
The Farm
Farm Training in Canada for Old Country Boys
Fields of Endless Day
Footholds : Research for South America's Rural Poor
From British Home to Canadian Farm
The Gaels of Cape Breton
The George Retzlaff Story
Good Friday in Little Italy
The Grand Festival
Great Grand Mother
The Home
Home Crafts
Home to Buxton
I Paint What I Know : Gershon Iskowitz
Iceland on the Prairies
In Exile : American Draft Resisters and Deserters in Canada
Jamaica Sings
Journey Into Our Heritage
Katei Seikatsu
The Kinsmen
Making New Canadians
The Maze : The Story of William Kurelek
Message du ministre de l'immigration : Mario Beaulieu
The Most Picturesque Spot in North America
Nation Building in Saskatchewan : The Ukrainians
New Homes Within the Empire
New Horizons
The Newcomers : 1740 the French
The Newcomers : 1832 the Scots
The Newcomers : 1847 the Irish
The Newcomers : 1911 the Danes
The Newcomers : 1927 the Ukranians
The Newcomers : 1978 the Italians
The Newcomers : The Prologue
Oui, je parle français
People of the Maritimes : Men of Lunenburg
Peoples of Canada
Peoples of Canada [revised version]
The Pioneer
Preparing Food
Proud Women, Strong Steps
Reflections of the Past
[Ten Years in Manitoba]
The Tide of Immigration
To Love, Honour and Obey
The Village
The Visible Woman
The Way of the Willow
A Year of Remembering : Manitoba 100