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Acadian Spring Song
All About Emily
Animal Stories
Basic Horse Training
Beaver Dam
Beekeeping : Preparation and Hiving
Biological Control
Bird Hazards to Aircraft
Birds that Eat Seeds
Bluebloods from Canada
Calgary Stampede 1964
Canada's National Parks
Canadian National Pictorial
Canine Crimebusters
Courses de pigeons
Cowboy's Holiday
Culling Hens
A Cut Above
A Day at the Calgary Zoo
L'Élevage du mouton
L'Élevage du vison : conseils pratiques
Les Ennemis de la pomme de terre
"Ex" Marks the Spot
Export Steers
[Expositions de chevaux]
Farm at Flare Square
Five Courses for Horses
Grey Owl's Little Brother
Guernseys in Ontario Pastures
Hannetons et vers blancs
Heritage for Tomorrow
L'Île aux Basques
In Canadian Fjords
Insect Pests of Stored Food
Integrated Control of Orchard Insects
Le Jardin zoologique de Québec
Jasper Holiday
Jockey Training
Junior Nations Cup
[La Vache canadienne]
Laboratory Dogs
Livestock and Dairying
Livestock at the CNE
La Locomotion
Lutte à la tordeuse des bourgeons de l'épinette
Making Mounties
[Medical Film, Dr. Edward Archibald, McGill University]
Mesures de longeur
Le Miel nectar
The Milky Way
Mortgage Lifters
The Musical Ride
Newfoundland Scene : A Tale of Outport Adventure
Northern Dancer
Ontario Wool
L'Ordre temporel
Le Percheron
The Ploughing Match 1922
Pot-pourri d'animaux
La Préparation des pondeuses de demain
Producing a Champion
Progress on Parade
Protection to Animals
La Qualité du bacon
Queen's Plate : A Race of Races
The Queen's Plate : Canadian Tradition
Rearing Queen Honey Bees
Les Régions
Royal Winter Fair
La Science de la production laitière
Shuswap Indians of British Columbia
The Silver Fox Industry of Canada
Some Are Sunfishers
Something to Crow About
Spotlight No. 3
Stampede Chuckwagon
Stampede Fever
Stampede in Scarlett
Stampede Pot Pourri
Stampede Royale
Un petit canard pas comme les autres
Zazi et Zazou