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General Motors of Canada

007 : A License to Make a Killing
Ad Jesum Per Mariam
All the Little Ships
The Battered Mug
Beverly Hillbillies
The Big Letdown
Biography of a Disaster
Bobby Orr Story
The Brewsters of Banff
Bull of the Woods : Gibson and the Hoo Hoo
Calgary Coach
The Calgary Eye-Opener
The Calgary Eye-Opener
Campobello : FDR's Beloved Island
Canada, We Love You : Pontiac / Buick, Parts 1 and 2
Canadian Products : On Which the Sun Never Sets
Christmas on the Ile aux Grues
A Cowboy's Convictions
The Creative Welder
Cyrus the Paradox
The Diamond Trade
Family Album
The Flying Lambs
The Flying Wallendas
Forward Canada!
Four for the Future
Funtime for Mrs. Fisher
General Motors Dealer Show
Guy Lombardo
Haute Couture
The High Life
The Ice and Captain Fournier
In All Thy Sons Command
Lions and Christians
Lorne Greene's Bonanza
The Man from Sotheby's
The Man Who Walked Baby Back Home
Mavis Gallant in Paris
The Most Unlikely Millionaire
Motors on the March
The National
The Number One Post Shall be at the North East Corner
October Beach : A Film of Memories
On to Victory
One Square Mile
Our Dancing Export : Lynn Seymour
Out to the Winter Sea
A Pony to Win with William Hill
A Pride of Cooneys
Putting on a Front
Putting on a Front
Roloff Beny : From Here to Antiquity, Part One
Roloff Beny : From Here to Antiquity, Part Two
Sea Fare : Deep Sea
Share the Flame : Calgary '88. The Official Film of the XV Olympic Winter Games
Sir Tony
The Stage Is a World
The Stage Is a World, Part One
The Stage Is a World, Part Two
Station 51 : A Night's Work
Surf Life
That Perlove Affair
The President's Speech : President of General Motors
Thursday's Eartha
The Tigers that Bloom in the Spring
To the Manor Born
The Train Bugs
Twice as Nice as Paradise
Valiant Company
Victory Is Our Business
Wendy's Goal
What's All this Fuss About Harlow?
A Winter's Tale
The World of Mr. Hockey
The Wreckers
A Yankee Squire - The Custom Made World of John Huston