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Reimagining Cinema: Film at Expo 67

Edited by CINEMAexpo67 Directors Monika Kin Gagnon (a communication studies professor at Concordia) and Janine Marchessault (professor of cinema and media studies at York University), "Reimagining Cinema" is an anthology of essays, interviews and 130 colour reproductions of Expo 67’s most spectacular and inventive multi-screen films, published by McGill-Queens University Press.

Contributors include Seth Feldman (York University), Monika Kin Gagnon, (Concordia University), Anthony Kinik, (Concordia University), Janine Marchessault, (York University), Gary Mediema, Chief Historian and Associate Director, Heritage Toronto (Ontario), Aimée Mitchell, Canadian Filmmaker’s Distribution Centre (Ontario), Johanne Sloan, (Concordia University), Donald Theall (Trent University).

About CINEMAexpo67 research project:

An exploration of Expo 67’s most ingenious screen experiments, CINEMAexpo67 is a group of scholars, artists and filmmakers in conversation with filmmakers and archivists, creatively researching the cinemas of Expo 67. Working in partnerships as scholars, archivists, filmmakers and institutions, CINEMAexpo67 seeks to locate, restore and re-exhibit Expo 67 films in new forms to wide audiences and capture the complexity and imaginative fervour of Expo 67’s exciting period in film history.


To learn more about the CINEMAexpo67 project, book, films and events, visit the website here

Photo courtesy McGill-Queen's University Press.