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National Film Board of Canada : Office national du film du Canada

A Better Way
A Sense of Humus
Adele and the Ponies of Ardmore
Adoption : Children Are Waiting
After Prison, What?
After the Big One : Nuclear War on the Prairies
Agriculture Canada
Alexis Tremblay : Habitant
Animal Stories
Architecture in Canada : A Personal View by Barbara Lambert
Armand Frappier : Pasteur, mon violon, ma mère et moi
Birds of Canada No. 2
Bronco Busters
By Guess and by God
Call for Volunteers
Call to a Nation
Canadian Landscape
Children First
Christmas Cracker
La Cité de Notre-Dame
Cooking Graded Beef
Depressive States, Part 1
Depressive States, Part 2
Dreamland : A History of Early Canadian Movies 1895-1939
Fields of Endless Day
Filmqlish : Has Had
Fishing at the Stone Weir
Floating on the Waves
Great Grand Mother
Great Lakes
Huff and Puff
Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis
An Introduction to the Art of Figure Skating
L'Armure invisible
L'Histoire d'Emerec
La Cage dorée
Land from the Sea
Letter from Camp Borden
Letter from Valcartier
Life on the Western Marshes
Life on Western Marshes
Limbs to Order
Lung Love
Mental Health Breakdown : Hallucinations
Mining Front
More Than Just a Pretty Picture
Of Japanese Descent
Ottawa : Reflection of a Nation
Paranoid Conditions
Reach Out a Friendly Hand
Reporting on Board
River of Canada
Road to Recovery
Salmon Run
Satan's Choice
Schizophrenia : Catatonic Type
Schizophrenia : Simple Type : Deteriorated
Sixteen to Twenty-Six
Ski in the Valley of the Saints
The 25th Box
The Netsilik Eskimo Today
The Sacred Circle
The Sacred Circle - Recovery
Timber Front
Trade Fair
Wayne and Shuster Look at Technical Training in Canada
West Wind
Wings of Youth
Winterfun Canada
Working Out