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Crawley Films

Pay-Dirt Angling
Peace of Mind
People of the Far North
People of the Maritimes : Men of Lunenburg
People with a Purpose
Photo Finish
Physical Aspects of Puberty
Physical Education of Rural Schools : Indoors
Physical Education of Rural Schools : Outdoors
Picture Making at the Gang Age
Picture Making by Teenagers
Picture Province
Pin High
Pioneer Village at Black Creek
Pipe Line Patrol
Placing and Splicing Operations
Power and Passage
Power from Labrador
Power from the Atom
Power in Perpetuity
Power of Pennies
Power to Live By
The Power Within
Pressure Golf
The Prevention of Disability in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Pride of Possession
Principles of Development
Programme for People : CUSO in Columbia
Project Sentinel
Proof of Performance
Put This in Your Pipe
Quacks and Nostrums
Qualicum by the Sea
Queen's Century II
Queen's University at Kingston
Rabbit Holes, Sticks and Anything Round
Radiation for Industry
Raphide Emission in Dieffenbachia
Reach Out a Friendly Hand
Red Carpet
Repeat Performance
Report on Japan
Report on Japan : No. 2 We Rebuild
Research for Tomorrow
The Revolution Is Now
Revue filmée du téléphone
Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New
Roads to Reading
Robin Hood
Rocky Mountain Trout
Royal Canadian Regiment : A Short Film History
Royal Tribute
RX for Maryanne
S.B. Williams Retirement
Safe Driving
Safety Oriented First Aid
Safety With Comfort
The Saga of Safety Sam
Saint John : A Harbour Reborn
Salvage of the M/V Fort William
Saskatchewan Jubilee
Saskatchewan Our University
Satellite Communications Canada
Scarlet and Gold
Scenes from the Crawley Collection
School Mental Health Service
School Safety Patrols
Scouts '68
Sea Ice in Canadian Waters : The View from Outer Space
Seal Hunt
Search Without End
Selling Your Personality
Sense Into Dollars
Shooting Is Fun
Shot Gun Lady
Should You Drink?
Si tu t'en souviens
Sibling Relations and Personality
Sifto Salt
Sinews of Industry
Sixteen to Twenty-Six
Ski in the Valley of the Saints
Skyline Trails
Skywatch on 55
Snow Fighters
Social Acceptability
Social Development
Social-Sex Attitudes in Adolescence
Something to Crow About
Song for a Miner
Speckled Trout
Sport of Orienteering
St. George's and the Dragons
St. John Ambulance in Canada
Stainless Steel in Architecture
Stampede to Snowcaps
Start of a Lifetime
Story of St. Nick
Success Story
Swinging with the Stars
A Tale of New Cities
Tanga Man
Teamwork in Action
Technology in the Forest
Tel que prescrit
Telephone Technique
The Terrible Twos and the Trusting Threes
The 25th Box
The 5th Ingredient
The Acadians
The Alberta Story
The Anti-Tank Mine Mark V
The Avro Jetliner
The Builders
The Calcium Chloride Road
The Challenge of Change
The Challenge of the Labrador
The Chartered Accountant in Canada
The Coppermetals
The Electronic Highway
The Entertainers
The Essence of Life
The Face of an Addict
The Farewell Message of Lord Rowallan
The Food Connection
The Frontier Land
The Gap
The Gasline
The Geography of Canada
The Gold Cup Comes Home
The Great Danish from Denmark
The Great River
The Harbour Bridge
The Hay Stack Murder
The Hydrographers... A Training Survey
The Jet Age
The Lastex Story
The Librarian
The Lisbon Mine Story
The Long Silence
The Man Who Skied Down Everest
The Mapmakers
The Mine in the Valley
The Museum Train
The Music Machine : Sackbut
The National Parks of Canada
The New Baby
The Observer : Bank Holdup
The Order of Good Cheer
The Other Ones
The Perpetual Harvest
The Potato and Mrs. Kelly
The Powerful Horseshoe
The Quality of a Nation
The Quiet Betrayal
The Right Approach
The Rustler
The Same Is My Brother
The Sinews of Industry
The Sower : [trailer]
The Story of Meat in Canada
The Story of the 44th Canadian Open Golf Championship
The Summer Before
The Sun Don't Shine on the Damwe Dawg's Back All the Time
The Tales of the Wizard of Oz : Brain Child
The Teens
The Ten Parts of Canada : On the Side of Angels
The Town and the Mill
The Town and the Mill, As Told by Andy Clark
The Tragicall Hiftorie of Hamlet Prince of Denmarke
The Unveiling of the Artillery Memorial
The Want of a Suitable Playhouse
The Wetlanders
The Winner's Touch
The Year of the Crown for Art Wall Jr.
These Names Live On
This Is My Invention
This Nuclear Age
Tides of Fundy
To Bala for a Bible
To See, No. 1
To Sense the Wonder
Today's Firefighter
Tomorrow Today
Tomorrow's Waterfront Today
Tough New Breed
Toutes isles
Track Down
Trading in the North