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Crawley Films

100,000 Children
1950 Grey Cup Final
2 Points North
The 25th Box
4-H Clubs of Alberta
The 5th Ingredient
The Acadians
Accidentally Yours [1950]
Accidentally Yours [1952]
Acid Rain : Requiem or Recovery
Ack Ack
Ad Jesum Per Mariam
The Age of Turmoil
Air Cadets
Air Survey
Alaska : Cruise Style!
The Alberta Story
Alberta Vacation
Alberta's Future Farmers
Alouette - Canada's First Satellite
Alpine Bread
Alumina Jamaica
Aluminum Pipe Welding by Machine
Ambassador Extraordinary
An All-Season Marine Terminal
An Apple a Day
An Open Bible
The Annanacks
L'Anse Tabatière
The Anti-Tank Mine Mark V
Apple Tree Pruning
Appointment with Youth
Architecture in Canada : A Personal View by Barbara Lambert
Are You Safe at Home?
Are You Warm to the Touch?
Army Medical Corps
Artery for Oil
Arthritis and Allied Conditions
At Your Fingertips
Atomic Energy in Canada
Attracting Birds in Winter
Auprès de ma blonde
Avon in Canada
The Avro Jetliner
Avro Special Project Y
Back on Our Feet
Be Water Wise
Beauty to Live with
Beaver Dam
Before Pregnancy
Big Four Highlights of 1951
Big Four Highlights of 1953
Big Six
Birds of Canada No. 2
Birds that Eat Seeds
Bluefin Rodeo
Bluenose Schooner
Bluenose Shore
Boating and Good Sense
Bon appétit
Les Bouts d'chou tissent de la laine
Brampton Builds a Car
Briarcliff Food Center
Bright Century
The Builders
Building a Fine Paper Machine
Building Bird Houses
Building for the Future
But What Are We Doing?
By Guess and by God
By Map and Compass
C'est simple quand on sait s'y prendre
C.I.L. Today : Progress Report
C.L.U. Canadian Life Underwriters
Cable to Treasure Island
The Calcium Chloride Road
Camp Banting
Campus on the Move
Canada at 8.30
Canada Produced
Canada's Carpet Craftsmen
Canadian Crusade
Canadian Dental Association : Trailer
Canadian Light Alloy Assault Bridge
Canadian Power
Canadian Ski Preview
Canadian Travel Film Program : Waterways to Explore
Canadian Travel Film Program : Picture Canada
Canadian Wheat
Cape Breton Island
Cardio-Coronary Communication
Carstairs, Tell the People
A Century of Service
Certo : Jelly and Jam Session
The Challenge of Change
The Challenge of the Labrador
A Champion Is Born
Charge from Down Under
The Chartered Accountant in Canada
Cheers for Chubby
Chemical Brush Control
Child Behaviour Equals You : Child Behaviour
Child Care and Development
Children's Emotions
Children's Emotions
Choosing a Doctor
Churchill Falls Inauguration
City of Playgrounds
Close That Sale
Closed Feed Water System
Coal Gas
Coins for Canada and the World
Community Health Is Up to You
Congenital Anomalies : Pectus Carinatum
Congenital Anomalies : Pectus Excavatum
The Coppermetals
Cotton Made in Canada
Craftsmen of Canada
Crops Not Weeds
A Cruise for Sunday
A Crystal from the Sun
CUSO in Agriculture
CUSO in East and Central Africa
CUSO in Education
CUSO in Forestry : Malaysia
CUSO in Health
CUSO in Technology
CUSO in the Caribbean
Dad and I
Dangerous Journey
Decision to Drill
Des petits soins qui font grand bien
Design to Music
Destination U.K.
Dialogue and Definitions for the Third World
Les Diamants du Canada
Direct Observation of the Flow of Molten Steel in Sand Moulds, Part One : Horizontal Gating Systems for Steel Castings
Discipline During Adolescence
Discover Nova Scotia
Dislocating and Stacking Faults
District Nurse
A Doctor with Care
Don't Drown
Douglas Point Nuclear Power Station
Douglas Point Nuclear Power Station : Design and Construction
Duel in the Pool
Dutch Treat
L'Eau de Montréal
Écoutez, observez... et notez
Eight Day Year
The Electronic Highway
Elephant Country
Eleven Days
Elliot Lake Northern Lifestyle
Emotional Maturity
En r'venant de St-Hilarion
Energy Forever : Newfoundland and Canada Meeting the Challenge of Labrador Power Development
Energy from the Atom
Energy in Canada, Feast or Famine?
The Entertainers
Environment for Learning
Episode in Valleydale
Equality for Agriculture
The Essence of Life
Evidence of Progress
Expedition Moose
Expo 67
Exports : Who Needs Exports?
The Face of an Addict
The Face of Saskatchewan
Family Life
Family Outing
The Fantastic Super
The Farewell Message of Lord Rowallan
Federation of Women Teachers Association of Ontario
A Feel for the Game
Fertility Control
Fiberglas RP Bathrooms at Habitat
Fight for Fame
Filmqlish : Has Had
Finger Painting
Fire in 1117
First Aid in A.R.P.
The First Village of Importance
Fisheries of the Great Slave
Fishing the Last Frontier
The Five Faces of Quebec
Floating on the Waves
Floor Cleaning
Floor Finishing
The Food Connection
Food for Freddy