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Chetwynd Films

1960 Harnsworth : Picton, Canada
1963 Players' 200
1964 Players 200
1964 Players' 200
1965 the Year of the Double Win
25e trophées Schenley
8th World Jamboree 1955
A Century of Canadian Medicine
A Cut Above
A Look Behind the Big B.A.
A New Spring in Copper
A Step in the Right Direction
A Wee Dram (Scotch on the Rocks)
A Year of Remembering : Manitoba 100
Adult Bicycle Safety
Alberta Fishing Is Fun
Alouette Football Highlights of 1962
Alouette Football Highlights of 1963
Anhueser Bush
Athletes in Action
Atlantic Container Line the Atlantic Revolution
Attack – Offence
Aurora on Target
Barbados : As You Like It
Barbados West Indian Wonderland
Basic Curling Strategy : Draw vs. Take-Out
Bickersteth : Hart House
Bicycle Safety
Big Thunder
Bobby Orr Story
Broken Doll
Calgary Stampede 1964
Calgary Stampede : Banff Indian Days
Can Canada Compete?
Canada Cup Featurette
Canada Cup Trophy
Canada Savings Bonds 1977
Canada's Waterways West
Canada, We Love You : Pontiac / Buick, Parts 1 and 2
Canadian and American Super V
Canadian Diabetic Association
Canadian Diabetic Spot : Symptoms
Canadian Grand Prix : The Mythmakers
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1962
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1963
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1964
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1965
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1966
Canadian Ski Alliance : One Good Turn
Castle of Learning
Castrol Trillium Rally
Cawartha International
Cayuga Victoria Day
CBC Fillers
Centennial Grey Cup
Ceramics in Spain
Charlie Beil Story
Charlie Beil Story : Television Promos
CNE Aquarama
Concerning Studded Tires
Concerning Studded Tires / After Studded Tires
Confined Space Hazards
Cranberry Village
Cross Canada Sports Clinic
CTV Featurettes : Football Profiles
CTV Football Special : CFL in Action
Department of Highways Historical
Diabetes Symptoms
Driver Training : Life Is Worth the Living
Du Maurier International 1966
Du Maurier International 1967
Du Maurier International 1968 a World Cup Event
Edmonton Omniplex
Epidural Anaesthesia for Vaginal Delivery in Obstetrics
Every Man's Wilderness
Every Square Inch
Evinrude Speed Trials
Falls Can Cripple
Family Property Law
Fashion Council Puppet Show
Ferguson/Wilson Racing
Five Courses for Horses
Floor Hockey Drill
Football Coaching Films
Football Fever
From Hack to House
Game Strategy
General Motors Dealer Show
Glidden Spred Wall Paint
Goal Keeping
Goal Tenders NHL
Goldcup Race Mosport : Super V
Gone Fishing
Graduates for Tomorrow
Grand Prix Canada 1967
Grey Cup 1965
Grey Cup 1966
Grey Cup Philharmonic
Guess What Happened at School Today
Heritage Canada : Senior Citizen's - Ottawa Visit Wilderness Camp Morley
High Speed Coal Handling Ashore and Afloat
Hockey Hints
Honda St. Jovite - A Sunday Drive
Hospital for Sick Children
I.A.P.A. Accident Prevention : Basic Fire Hazards
I.A.P.A. Accident Prevention : Static Electricity Nuisance and Danger
I.A.P.A. Conference Forklift Competition
I.A.P.A. Conference Wherever People Work
Imperial Oil on Camera
International Soccer
It Happens
It Starts at the Top
It Takes Two to Crosswalk
Jamboree Diary
Jasper Holiday
Jean Béliveau Story
Jeux olympiques spéciaux
Jockey Training
John Fisher and the Confederation Train
John Fisher Spots : Centennial Overtures
John McCrae House
July Jamboree
Junior Nations Cup
Kinai Chieftanship
Labatt Challenge Series : Wrap Up 1977
Labatt Pro Challenge : Blue Mountain (Collingwood, Ontario)
Labatts Canadian Grand Prix Mosport
Labatts Challenge Series : Alberta
Labatts Challenge Series : British Columbia
Labatts Challenge Series : Manitoba
Labatts Challenge Series : Maritimes
Labatts Challenge Series : Ontario
Labatts Challenge Series : Quebec City
Labatts Challenge Series : St. Felicien
Labatts Datsun Freestyle
Labatts Formula 5000 Mosport
Labatts Motor Cross
Labatts Pro Challenge : Blue Mountain (Collingwood, Ontario)
Land of the Blue Tartan
Learning for Survival
Let's Talk Hunting
Light for the Mind
Litton Systems Limited
Living with Diabetes
London to Brighton
Man Alive : Manitoba Alive
Man of Kintail
Manitoba : Everyman's Wilderness
Manitoba Festival Country
Marine Holiday West Coast Style
Masters Track and Field
Maxville Highland Games
Me and Sam McGee
Memo to Mom
Miss Canada Pageant
Molson Diamond Can-Am
Molson Diamond Indy
Montreal Alouettes Highlights 1964
Montreal Alouettes Highlights 1965
Motorcycle Grand Prix
Motorsport Canada 1975
My Car, My Love
Nascar Cayuga
Nascar Sanair
New Concepts in Hi-Rise Construction
New Limbs - New Lives
New Zealand... My Way
No Time to Spare
North American Tractor Pull
Northern Dancer
Oakville Safety Council : Reid Forsee Memorial
Old Fort Henry
Olympic Highlights / Palmarès olympiques
Olympic Promo
Olympic Spots
One Good Turn
Only a Few
Ontario Go Country
Our Thing
Passing and Receiving
Penalty Killing
Players 200 1965 Snowscout
Players Atlantic 1973
Players Challenge Series (Alberta)
Players Challenge Series (Manitoba)
Players Challenge Series (Maritimes)
Players Challenge Series (Newfoundland)
Players Challenge Series (Ontario)
Players Challenge Series (Pacific)
Players Challenge Series (Quebec)
Players Challenge – Alberta
Players Manitoba 1973
Players Maritimes : Players Challenge