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Associated Screen News

Le Harnachement d'un rapide
Heap Busy Indians
Helping the Helpless
Here's How
Heritage for Tomorrow
High and Far
High Powder
High Silver
Highlanders at Banff
Highlights from the Parliamentary Life of the Right Honourable William Lyon Mackenzie King
Highlights of the International Golf Rules
Hiking on Top of the World
Historic Halifax
History of the Loretto Academy
Hockey Canada's National Game
Hockey Cavalcade
Hockey Champions
Hockey Stars' Summer
Homemaking by Irrigation
Hook Line & Sinker
Hook Line and Sinker
Horizons nouveaux
A Horseback After Fish on Untrod Trails
Hot and Happy
House in Order
Hygiene for Health
Il faut du bon lait
Les Îles du Saint-Laurent
In All Thy Sons Command
Indian Days in the Canadian Rockies
Investment in Canada
Iron, Fire and Men
Islands of the St. Lawrence
It's Asbestos
Items of Interest
Jackpine Journey
Jasper and Mount Robson
Jasper Trails
Joe's Busy Day
John Bracken Canadian
A Journey to Contentment
Joy in Living
Kawartha Muskys
Keepers of the Light
Kicking Horse Trail
Kingdom for a Horse
The Kinsmen
Klondike Holiday
Knowledge Is Power
Kootenay East
L'École de papeterie de la province de Québec
L'Élevage du mouton
L'Île aux Basques
La Chimie du feu
La Croix et l'épée
La Science de la production laitière
Lake of the Woods
Land of Promise
Land of the Ski-Hawk
Last Minute Clothing News
Le Canot d'écorce
Le Foyer du progrès
Le Porc à bacon
Le Saboteur
Le Signe de la victoire
Les Principes de la traite rationnelle
Let's Go Fishing
Let's Go Skiing
Life Aboard an Empress
Lines to Economy
Liquid Assets
Liquid Gold
Liquid Lore
Livestock and Dairying
Local Colour
Locomotive 8000
The Long Furrow
Lumbering in Canada
Lures and Fins
Making Mounties
Making New Canadians
Making of a Newspaper
Making Perfect Pastry
The Mapleville Story
Marketing Shows the Way
McLain of Hudson's Bay : The Fletcher Affair
Meat on the Move
Meet the Ducks
Metropolitan March
The Milky Way
Million Bushel Bin Construction
Millionaires Without a Cent
Miner Family Enterprise
Miracle at Beauharnois
Miracle Fluid
Miracle of DDT
Miracle on Every Street
Miroir de la vie
Modern Cement Concrete Highway Construction
Montreal : The City of Progress
Montreal the Romantic Metropolis of French Canada
Montreal, the Romantic Metropolis of French Canada
A Mooseback in the Miramachi
More Power to the Farmer
Mortgage Lifters
Motors on the March
Mountaineering by Canoe
Murray Bay
Music from the Stars
Mystic India
Nature's Cenotaph
Neighbours in Enterprise
New Homes Within the Empire
New Rules of Golf
Niagara to the Sea
No Keener Blade
No Man Is an Island
Northern Challenge
Northern Front
Northern Frontier
Northern Neighbors
Northwest Miramichi
Notre ville nous appartient
Old French Canada
On the Trail of the Fur Brigade
On the Way to Lake Windermere
On to Victory
Operation Four Feathers
Ornamental Swimming
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
Our Daily Bread
Our School Children's Health
Our Valley
Outpost Hospitals
Over the Top of the Canadian Rockies
Oxy-Acetylene Pressure Welding
Palmy Ports
Paper, the Lifeblood of Business
Parallel Skiing in Quebec
Passe Dangereuse
Paths of Learning
Pattern in Efficiency
Peoples of Canada
Peoples of Canada [revised version]
Peter Dawson Special International Relay Race
Picking Locks
Pidgin Land
Pioneer Parade
Plaisirs de neige au vieux Québec
Plan for Disaster
Point of Honour
Portrait of a City
Pour avoir une eau saine
Pow Wowing with the Kootenays
Power for Industry
Premier Baldwin Sees Canada
Prevent Fires
Princes and Premier
Progress on Parade
Protecting the Homes of Canada
Protection to Animals
Push Back the Edge
Quebec Byways
Quebec Folk Festival
Quebec Protestant High School
Quebec, Old and New
Rainbow's End
Rediscovery of French River
Régales de salades
Rencontre des négociants Shell
The Return of the Buffalo
Rhapsody in Two Languages
Ridin' Around
Riding High in the Canadian Rockies
Rien n'est plus doux que mon foyer
River of Canada
Rivers of Romance
Rocky Eden
A Romance of Two Hemispheres
Royal Banners Over Ottawa
The Royal Tour of Canada
The Royal Tour of Canada
The Royal Visit
Salt Water Angling
Saving the Sagas
Scenes from the 1947 Canadian Open Golf Championship
Second Look at Canada
Seeing Canada with the Teachers
Les Sentinelles de la santé
Shadow River