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The Divisional Cyclists : A Glimpse of a Day's Training

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190 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"A short recruiting film depicting a typical day's training of First World War Bicycle Corps members at Toronto's Canadian National Exhibition grounds. It shows: men in uniform with duffel bags; officer scolding a soldier for stuffing too many clothes in his duffel bag; men in line carrying duffel bags are exiting building and passing an officer who checks off a list as they drop the bags in a pile; officer pulling a man out of the line; longshot of men on the drilling field doing physical exercises; longshot of men doing signalling exercises with flags; long shot of cyclists on manoeuvres in Toronto's High Park on a mock war exercise; line of cyclists turning, riding toward the camera and passing it; bicycle manoeuvres; medium shot of a very young child with a signal flag; long shot of cyclists in uniform entering a gate; medium shot of cyclists riding on a road alongside trolley tracks; long shot of troop of cyclists on reconnaissance along a country road; various shots of members of the cycling division hiding their bicycles and going through manoeuvres; long shot of reinforcement troops cycling down the road to join the reconnaissance troops; medium shot of soldiers in the grass ready to fire their rifles; and long shot of troops cycling down a grassy slope. The final title reads: 'A Few Good Men are Needed'."