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Walter Darling

100,000 chevaux sous le Saint-Laurent
Achievement - A Story of the Manufacture of Stainless and Specialty Alloy Steels
Across Canada
Along Pioneer Trails
Atlas Tool Steels
Ayers High Grade Felts
Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies
Banff's Golf Challenge
Beef Steaks
The Big Seat
Bill's in Business Now
Borderline Cases
Canada's Cradle of Curling
Canada's Tackle Busters
The Canadian
Canadian Headlines of 1948
Canadian Headlines of 1950
Canadian Headlines of 1951
Canadian Mountain Summer
Canadian Pacific in the Air [Post-World War II Version]
Canadian Pattern
Canadian Woolens for Warmth and Beauty
Le Canot d'écorce
Circus on Ice
Le Coeur du réseau
Cowboy's Holiday
De l'eau à la bouche
Design for Swimming
Did You Know That? Eighth Edition
Dogs at Work
Down by the Sea
L'École de papeterie de la province de Québec
Escape to the North
For Your Information
Le Foyer du progrès
The Fruitful Earth
G Hygiene
Golf on the Gold Trail
Grandpa's Party
The Great Divide
The Great Essential
The Hands Are Sure
Happy Voyage
Heritage for Tomorrow
Horizons nouveaux
Jackpine Journey
A Journey to Contentment
Land of the Ski-Hawk
Liquid Assets
The Metalmaster
Million Bushel Bin Construction
Miner Family Enterprise
Miracle Fluid
More Power to the Farmer
Mortgage Lifters
A Nation in Touch
Neighbours in Enterprise
No Keener Blade
No Man Is an Island
Northern Challenge
Northern Front
Notre ville nous appartient
Operation Four Feathers
Our School Children's Health
Outpost Hospitals
The Outside Run
Pattern in Efficiency
La Peau d'orignal
Picking Locks
Plaisirs de neige au vieux Québec
Plan for Disaster
Le Porc à bacon
Portrait of a City
Push Back the Edge
The Quality of Mercy
River of Canada
The Roaring Game
Rocky Eden
A Romance of Two Hemispheres
The School of Papermaking of the Province of Quebec
Se bien nourrir pour mieux servir
Les Sentinelles de la santé
The Shining Mountains
Sitzmarks the Spot
Ski in the Sky
Skyline Skiing
Spotlight No. 1
Spotlight No. 2
Spotlight No. 4
Spotlight No. 5
Summer in Old Quebec
T.C.A. 845
That Man May Fly
That Man May Live
That They May Live
They Didn't Have to Die
This Town Is Ours
Three for Health
Together We Serve
Trans-Atlantic Empress
Une des merveilles du monde améliorée : le pont de Québec
Voyageurs de Québec
Water Safety
West Coast Playground
Wings of Wire
Winter Playground