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Soil, Seeds and Sunshine
A Solid Investment
Some Are Sunfishers
Some of Us
Something Personal
Something to Chew On
Something to Crow About
Song for a Miner
The Song that Reached His Heart. A Story of the Lumber Regions of Western Canada
Song the Map Sings
Song the Map Sings
Sous le masque
Special Olympics 1978
Special Olympics : Hi, Look Us Over
Speeding the Spoken Word
Spinning for Speckles
Sport of Orienteering
Sport Parachuting
Sports Cavalcade
Sportsman's Seventh Heaven
Spraying and Dusting Fruit Trees
Spring Fever
St. George's and the Dragons
St. John Ambulance in Canada
St. Lawrence River Ice Investigation
The Stage Is a World
The Stage Is a World, Part One
The Stage Is a World, Part Two
Stainless Steel in Architecture
Stampede Chuckwagon
Stampede in Scarlett
Stampede Pot Pourri
Stampede Royale
State Funeral of the Late Right Honourable Sir Wilfred Laurier Feb. 22nd, 1919
Statesman in the Making
Station 51 : A Night's Work
Steel for Canadians
Stocking Romance
Story of a General
Success Story
Sucre d'érable et coopération [1950]
Suite gaspésienne
Summer Idyll
Summer in Old Quebec
Sunlight and Shadow
Surf Life
Swift Family Robinson
Swinging with the Stars
Symbol of Security
T.C.A. 845
Tabusintac Holiday
Take Four Giant Steps
A Tale of New Cities
Tam-tam et balafons
Tapis et tableaux
Tapping Niagara's Power Resources
Team Play – Defence
Teamwork Spells Profit
Techniques de l'eau et de l'assainissement
Techniques infirmières
Techniques maritimes
Technology in the Forest
Telephone Technique
Television Commercials
Tempo : Canada
That Imaginary Line
That Man May Fly
That Man May Live
That Men Might Find Oil
That Perlove Affair
That They May Live
That They May Live
That Tip Top Feeling
That's Shell Service
The 1965 Shell 4000
The Adjustable Brim Fitting Technique
The Adventure of Tomorrow
The Africans Are Coming : The African Runners
The Alberta Story
The Anderson File
The Anti-Tank Mine Mark V
The Ballad of Jim Cordy
The Beautiful Necessity
The Beautiful Nipigon
The Beaver Family
The Big Challenge : Players Rally
The Big Ones that Got Away
The Black Diamond of South West Africa
The Breadwinner
The Builders
The Burden of Truth
The Calcium Chloride Road
The Canadair Forty-Four
The Canadian
The Canadian Curling Championship for MacDonald's Brier Tankard
The Canadian Pacific Railway : A Picture Story
The Cat that Cracks the Crude
The Chain Saw Story
The Challenge of Change
The Challengers
The Chartered Accountant in Canada
The CL-84 Vistol
The Classic Nipigon
The Conquest of Time
The Construction of Canada's Largest Apartment Building
The Construction of the Chute des Georges Power Development on the Shipshaw River
The Constructive Inconvenience
The Day the Sayward Died
The Education of the New Canadian
The Eight Sea
The Electronic Highway
The Entertainers
The Essence of Life
The Farewell Message of Lord Rowallan
The Farmer Makes a Profit
The Farmer's Flour Mill
The Fashion Picture
The Finest Gold
The First Year
The Fishing Parson
The Fourth Annual Bee Hive Giant Slalom
The Frontier Land
The Fur Industry in Canada
The Gateway of the North : City of North Bay
The Gold Cup Comes Home
The Golden Leaf
The Grand Festival
The Great Danish from Denmark
The Great Potential
The Great River
The Grey Cup
The Grey Cup Cavalcade
The Harbour Bridge
The Herring Hunters
The Hidden Treasure
The Home of the Bell Telephone Company of Canada
The House the Wasp Built
The Ileostomist
The Incredible Forest
The Inner Mind of Milton Whitty
The Kitimat Story
The KP-600 Air Compressor for Tractor Mounted Drilling Power
The Lady Scott Tournament
The Land of Ancestral Gods
The Land of Niagara
The Lastex Story
The Librarian
The Life Insurance Story
The Light That Shall Not Fail
The Lions' Gate Bridge
The Little Black Bag
The Little Grey Cup Game
The Living Blueprint
The Living City
The Magic Mirror
The Majesty of Mink
The Man with a Thousand Hands
The Manufacture of "Bonna" Steel Cylinder Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe
The Mapmakers
The Marvellous Mineral
The Metalmaster
The Mine in the Valley
The Miracle of a Locomotive
The Miracle of Mind and Missile
The Money Go Round
The Mudslingers
The Nation's Business : Policies for People and Policies for Progress
The Navy Goes North
The Navy League Makes a Signal
The New Age of Iron
The New Art of Cooking
The Newcomers : 1832 the Scots
The Newcomers : 1847 the Irish
The Newcomers : 1911 the Danes
The Newcomers : 1927 the Ukranians
The Newcomers : 1978 the Italians
The Newcomers : The Prologue
The Ninth Element
The Noranda Enterprise
The Norwich Plan for Downtown Restoration
The Oil Seekers
The Order of Good Cheer
The Other Ones
The Other Side of the River
The Outside Run
The Patient Men
The Perpetual Harvest
The Pioneer Chain Saws Safety
The Potato and Mrs. Kelly
The Power Play
The Power to Grow
The Provincial Plowing Match
The Quality of Mercy
The Queen's Plate : Canadian Tradition
The Quiet Betrayal
The Radiant Rockies
The Right Approach