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C.I.L. Today : Progress Report
C.L.U. Canadian Life Underwriters
Ca s'passait d'même
Cable to Treasure Island
Calgary Coach
The Calgary Eye-Opener
The Calgary Eye-Opener
Calgary Stampede 1964
Calgary Stampede : Banff Indian Days
Call of the Kawarthas
Campagne électorale du parti Libéral
Campobello : FDR's Beloved Island
Canada Art Collection
Le Canada français est resté fidèle
Canada from East to West and Then Glimpses of Various Phases of Life
Canada Produced
Canada's Carpet Craftsmen
Canada's Cradle of Curling
Canada's Diamond Jubilee
Canada's Harvest of Fish
Canada's Last West
Canada's National Parks
Canada's Pathway to Plenty
Canada's Royal
Canada's Tackle Busters
Canada's Waterways West
Canada's Work for Wounded Soldiers
Canada, The New Homeland
Canada, We Love You : Pontiac / Buick, Parts 1 and 2
Canadian and American Super V
Canadian Caper
Canadian Crusade
Canadian Dental Association : Trailer
Canadian Diabetic Association
Canadian Diabetic Spot : Symptoms
Canadian Firsts
Canadian Grand Prix : The Mythmakers
Canadian Light Alloy Assault Bridge
Canadian Mountain Summer
Canadian Pacific in the Air [Post-World War II Version]
Canadian Pacific in the Air [Wartime Versions]
Canadian Pictorial News
Canadian Portrait
Canadian Products : On Which the Sun Never Sets
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1962
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1963
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1964
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1965
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1966
Canadian Ski Alliance : One Good Turn
Canadian Ski Preview
Canadian Travel Film Program : Waterways to Explore
Canadian Travel Film Program : Picture Canada
Canadian Woolens for Warmth and Beauty
Cancer Is a Word
Canoeing the Churchill River
Canoeing the North Country
Canoeman's Wilderness
Canyon of Destiny
Cardio-Coronary Communication
Careers in the Newsprint Industry
Carnaval de Québec
Carribbean Tour
Carstairs, Tell the People
Cast of Three
Castors du Québec
Castrol Trillium Rally
Cawartha International
Cayuga Victoria Day
CBC Fillers
Cellophane : Symbol of Progress
Centennial Grey Cup
Challenge : The Story of the 1978 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Challenge of the 80s
Champlains of Today
Charge from Down Under
Charlie Beil Story
Chasseurs de demain
Cheers for Chubby
Chemical Brush Control
Les Chercheurs d'or
Child Care and Development
Child of the Universe
Children's Emotions
Children's Emotions
La Chimie et la pomme de terre
Chimie industrielle (analyse)
The Chippawa Canal
Chiropractic Story
Christmas on the Ile aux Grues
Chronique d'une observation
Churchill Falls Inauguration
Le Cinquantenaire des Caisses populaires
Circa 75
City of Playgrounds
CL-41 Trainer Aircraft
Clan Donald : A British Farm Colony
Clean Up Week in Montreal
Close That Sale
Closed Feed Water System
Le Coeur du réseau
Coffee for Canadians
Coffeeland to Canada
Cold Facts
Color and Texture in Aluminum Finishes
Color for Joy
Colour Does It
Columbia Maligne
Combattons la tuberculose
Communication à 13 ans
Comté de Montmorency
Concerning Studded Tires
Concerning Studded Tires / After Studded Tires
Confederation Train
Confined Space Hazards
Congenital Anomalies : Pectus Carinatum
Congenital Anomalies : Pectus Excavatum
The Construction of a Bituminous Penetration Road
The Construction of a Concrete Highway
Cool Roots
Cotton Made in Canada
Counter Attack
A Cowboy's Convictions
Craftsmen of Canada
The Cream Industry
The Creative Welder
Crops Not Weeds
Cross Country on Skis
Crow Rate 1982
Cruising the Inland Seas
CTV Featurettes : Football Profiles
CTV Football Special : CFL in Action
Current Gossip
CUSO in Agriculture
CUSO in Health
Cyrus the Paradox
D'une part
Dad and I
Dangerous Journey
Danish Seining
Daylight in the Swamp
De fil en étoffe
Dead on the Level
Deas Island Tunnel
Decade in the Air
Decision to Drill
Défrichement motorisé
Dentelles de métal (fer forgé)
Depressive States, Part 1
Depressive States, Part 2
Des acres en gain
Destination U.K.
Developing Natural Resource
Diabetes Symptoms
Dialogue avec la terre
The Diamond Trade
Diesel Race Car
Dimensions de la classe
Dislocating and Stacking Faults
District Nurse
Do It All Service
Doing More for Less
Don't Drown
Down by the Sea
Downstream to the Sea
Drilling for Oil
Driver Training : Life Is Worth the Living
Du Maurier International 1966
Du Maurier International 1967
Du Maurier International 1968 a World Cup Event
Duck Havens
Duel in the Pool
Duties of a Secretary
Each Year They Come
Echoes of War and Peace
Edmonton Klondike Days
Eight Day Year
Electricity on the Farm
Elephant Country
Elliot Lake Northern Lifestyle
Emotional Factors in General Practice : Their Recognition and Management
En Mauricie
En montagne
En taquinant la truite
En Voyage
End of One