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A City Is Born
A New Way to Make Lead
Alumina Jamaica
Aluminum Makes the Grade
Aluminum Rock Body Testing
Asbestos... A Matter of Time
Big Island
Breaking the Sand Barrier
Canadian Firsts
Canadian Headlines of 1951
Chaînes sans fin
Les Chercheurs d'or
Développement minier aux Sept-Îles
The Diamond Trade
Economic Fronts
Elliot Lake Northern Lifestyle
Explosive Actuated Tools : Part One - Introduction
Explosive Actuated Tools : Part Three - High Velocity
Explosive Actuated Tools : Part Two - Low Velocity
Fer du Nord
Frontier Busters
Hard Rock Mechanized Mining
Horizons nouveaux
Indian Lake Operations
Iron Below
Iron Ore from Labrador
It's Asbestos
John Fisher Spots : Centennial Overtures
Kerja Sama... Working Together
Kimberley in the Kootenays
Klondike Holiday
Kootenay East
L'École du succès
Le Développement minier de Havre St-Pierre
Life in a Mining Camp
Lighter Side of Trucking
Making Blister Copper
Making Pig Iron
Masa Nikel Di Indonesia : The Nickel Age in Indonesia
Milling and Smelting the Sudbury Nickel Ores
Mine to Metal
Mining for Nickel
Mining Front
Mining Nickel
Moving Mountains
Nation Builders
New Dimensions
New Nova Scotia
Nickel Rim
No Man Is an Island
Noranda Enterprise
North West Frontier
Northern Frontier
The Number One Post Shall be at the North East Corner
Objective Energy
Ore in '54
Overture to Aluminum
Packaged Power
Packaged Power II
Promesse du nord
Prospecting for Gold
Push Back the Edge
Quebec - Industrial Power
Rainbow's End
Refining Copper from the Sudbury Nickel Ores
Refining Precious Metals from Sudbury Nickel Ores
Refining the Sudbury Nickel Ores
Russia and Canada
Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee : Potash
The Secret Years of Eldorado
Sinews of Industry
Song for a Miner
Steel for Canadians
Subterranean Treasure
Textbook Mining
The Big Z
The Claim Stakers
The Dosco Story
The Helicopter at Work
The Kitimat Story
The Last Frontier
The Lisbon Mine Story
The New Age of Iron
The Noranda Enterprise
The Noranda Enterprise
The Oxy-Acetylene Depositing of Stellite
The Tynagh Mine Opening
The Unending Search
The Vital Giant
This Changing World
This Is Aluminum
This Is Nova Scotia
Thompson, Manitoba - Winter 1969/1970
To Make the Wasteland Green
Trail, British Columbia : The Metallurgical Mecca of Canada
Underground for Iron
Une nouvelle région minière Chibougamau
We Live in Mining
Weekend Fisherman : Sudbury
The Winning of Nickel
[Careers of Engineers]
[Copper Production]
[Five Safety Films]
[Gaspé Copper Mines]
[Grievance Procedure]
[Mining as Wasting Asset]
[Production of Zinc Metal]
[Tour of Noranda Recreation Centre]
[Training for Crane Men]