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A New Spring in Copper
A New Way to Make Lead
A River Creates an Industry : The Saguenay River Aluminum Production in Canada
Achievement - A Story of the Manufacture of Stainless and Specialty Alloy Steels
Alumina Jamaica
Aluminum Pipe Welding by Machine
Aluminum Rock Body Testing
Atlas Tool Steels
Au royaume du Saguenay
Basic Metallurgy and Material Specification : Welding Test and Inspection
Blanking and Piercing
Block to Slab to Sheet
Bright Century
Color and Texture in Aluminum Finishes
Corrosion in Action
Curiosity Shop
Dentelles de métal (fer forgé)
Direct Observation of the Flow of Molten Steel in Sand Moulds, Part One : Horizontal Gating Systems for Steel Castings
Draw, Stretch and Stamp
Drilling to a Layout and Spotfacing a Cast Iron Valve Body
Drilling, Boring and Reaming Work
Extrusion Squeezed to Shapeliness
Fabricating Aluminium at Holmestrand
Fabricating Processes
Foundry Education
Four Amazing Alloys
Generator 4
Great Lakes
High Speed Aluminum Welding
High Voltage Conductors
Horizons nouveaux
How to Braze Aluminum
How to Machine Aluminum
How to Rivet Aluminum
In Vulcan's Workshop
Iron and Steel From the Ore Bed to the Smelter
Iron, Fire and Men
Land of the Blue Tartan
Le Développement minier de Havre St-Pierre
Lines to Economy
Making Pig Iron
Milling and Smelting the Sudbury Nickel Ores
Mine to Metal
Mining for Nickel
Mining Nickel
Money Minters
New Ways of Cutting Metal
No Man Is an Island
Noranda Enterprise
The Number One Post Shall be at the North East Corner
Ore in '54
Oxy-Acetylene Pressure Welding
Power Line to Kitimat
Power Plus Capacity
Prospecting for Gold
Push Back the Edge
Rail Steel in the World of Today
Refining Copper from the Sudbury Nickel Ores
Refining Precious Metals from Sudbury Nickel Ores
Refining the Sudbury Nickel Ores
Shaping Tomorrow's Landmarks
Sinews of Industry
Smelter Fires
Stainless Steel in Architecture
Steel for Canadians
Steel for the West
The Construction of Canada's Largest Apartment Building
The Dosco Story
The Finest Gold
The Man with a Thousand Hands
The Mine in the Valley
The Nation Builders
The Ninth Element
The Noranda Enterprise
The Noranda Enterprise
The Unending Search
This Is Aluminum
Tube and Shape Bending
The Winning of Nickel
[Copper Production]
[Dominion Steel and Coal Corp.]
[Production of Zinc Metal]
[U.S.-Canada Pact and Zinc-Casting Industry]