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Instructional films

The Adjustable Brim Fitting Technique
Air Cadets
Anastomosis of the Splenic Vein to Pulmonary Artery
The Anderson File
Apple Tree Pruning
Les Arbres d'ornement
The Art of Gift Wrapping
Attack – Offence
Le Bain et les soins du matin
Basic Body Mechanics
Breath of Life
Cardio-Coronary Communication
Certo : Jelly and Jam Session
Chasseurs de demain
La Chimie du feu
Comment faire un lit d'hôpital
Congenital Anomalies : Pectus Carinatum
Congenital Anomalies : Pectus Excavatum
The Construction of a Bituminous Penetration Road
Le Contrôle laitier
Cool Roots
Creative Dance with Joyce Boorman
Cross Canada Sports Clinic
Culling Hens
La Culture de la betterave à sucre
Design to Music
Le Dialogue se fait à deux
L'Élevage du vison : conseils pratiques
Emotional Factors in General Practice : Their Recognition and Management
Les Ennemis de la pomme de terre
Epidural Anaesthesia for Vaginal Delivery in Obstetrics
Everybody's Business
Everybody's Wedeln
The Faces of Depression : A Phenomenological Approach to the Depression Syndrome
The Fantastic Super
Farm Drainage
Fashion Council Puppet Show
Finger Painting
First Aid in A.R.P.
First Aid to the Injured
Fitness at Forty
Five Minutes Per Shirt
[Five Safety Films]
Floor Cleaning
Floor Finishing
Floor Hockey Drill
Football Coaching Films
Football Fax
For Your Information
Foundry Education
From Hack to House
The Game and Equipment
General Office Cleaning
High Speed Aluminum Welding
Hockey Hints
How to Operate a 16mm B&H Specialist
How to Score More Goals
How to Take Fingerprints
The Hydrographers... A Training Survey
Judging Elementary Figures
Know Your Baby
Knowledge of Merchandise : Substitute Selling
The KP-600 Air Compressor for Tractor Mounted Drilling Power
Le Labour Richard
Leaders for Leisure
Machines and Maintenance
Making Perfect Pastry
Making Tea Biscuits
A Matter of Job Protection
Maximal Exertion as Monitored by Radio Telemetry
Mécanique du mouvement à l'intention des infirmières
Mécanique du mouvement à l'intention du patient
Methods of Lashing Aerial Cable
Model Houses
Modern Cement Concrete Highway Construction
Modern Pulpwood Harvesting : Tree Length Hauling and Processing at a Central Slasher
Mrs. Reynolds Needs a Nurse
My Car, My Love
A New Supervisor Takes a Look at His Job
New Wonders with Wieners
No Keener Blade
No. 1, Skating
No. 2, Stick Handling
No. 3, Passing
No. 4, Checking
No. 5, Shooting
No. 6, Goaltending
No. 7, Offensive Team Play
No. 8, Defensive Team Play
Operating NEELS
The Oxy-Acetylene Depositing of Stellite
Paper Sculpture
Parallel Skiing in Quebec
Passing and Receiving
Penalty Killing
Pépinière et reboisement
Pipeline on Wheels
Placing and Splicing Operations
A Portrait of Canadian Wines
Pour une saveur exquise
The Power Play
The Quiet Betrayal
Resuscitation from Drowning and Electrical Shock
The Right Approach
Risser Localizer Cast
Royal Canadian Regiment : A Short Film History
Safety Oriented First Aid
Safety With Comfort
The Science of Hockey : The Face Off
Seeing Colour
Selling Your Personality
Sense Into Dollars
Soil Physics
Something to Crow About
Success Story
Sweeping, Start to Finish
Le Syndrome de dysfonction douloureuse temporo-mandibulaire chez l'enfant
T.C.A. 845
Team Play – Defence
La Technique du ski
Telephone Technique
Température, pouls et respiration
Thinking of You
This Is Volleyball : Official Technique Film of the 1976 Olympics
Three Steps to the Slide Delivery
Through the Wine Glass
Tips on Typing
Tones and Half-Tones
Tout est prêt
Traders Group Vignettes Qualifying
[Training for Crane Men]
Training for Teamwork : [4 Foot Lengths]
Training Licks Trouble
Trapping '80
The Treehouse
Les Tulipes
The Underwood Story
Washroom Care
Who Threw That Monkey Wrench
You Are the Bank
Your New Dial Telephone
Zone Three Training Operation