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A New Future Lies North
Air Survey
Barbados West Indian Wonderland
Below the Ramparts
Borderline Cases
By Map and Compass
Canada from East to West and Then Glimpses of Various Phases of Life
Canada's Waterways West
Canadian National Pictorial
Canadian Pattern
Cape Breton Island
China Challenge
David Thompson the Pathfinder
David Thompson, Map Maker : 1837
Did You Know That? Fifth Edition
Disappearing Land
Down North
Echoes of War and Peace
Enchanted Lake Louise and Trails of Beauty
Every Square Inch
Fraser Canyon
Gift of the Glaciers
Glooscap Country
The Great Divide
Great Lakes
Highland Heart of Nova Scotia
Highland Holiday
Hudson 70 : Phase VIII The Arctic Voyage
Johnston Creek : Erosion by Water and Ice
Labrador Diary
Lake Plains and Meltwater
Land of the Overlanders
Le Saint-Laurent
Les Diamants du Canada
Les Îles Mingan
Life Zones of the Central Rockies
Look to the Centre
Murray Bay
National Parks
Nature's Story Through the Seasons in Saskatchewan
Niagara's Winter Wizardry
North Polar Sea
North Superior Shore
Northern Hemisphere Land
Nova Scotia By-Ways
On to the Bay
Ottawa Adventure
Ottawa on the River
Power and Passage
Sea Ice in Canadian Waters : The View from Outer Space
The Southern Uplands
St. Laurent : The Man and His Country
The Fire Within
The Fragile Mountain
The Geography of Canada
The Laurentians : Mountain Playground of the Province of Québec, Canada
The Lure of the Labrador
The Mapmakers
The National Parks of Canada
The Navy Goes North
The Pacesetter
The Radiant Rockies
The Seagram Collection of the Cities of Canada
The Shining Mountains
The Years, the Seasons and the Days
Through Canada's Rockies
To Sense the Wonder
Up in the Border Country
[Arctic Research Expedition]
[C.S.S. Baffin '75]
[Foxe Basin '75]