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2 Points North
A Double in Bluefins
A Salmon for Junior
Adventure for Anglers
Alberta Fishing Is Fun
Algonquin Adventure
Along the Gaspé Road
Angler's Autumn
An Angler's Idyll
Angles on Angling
The Annanacks
Au lac Waconichi
Au royaume du Saguenay
Autumn Salmon
[Avions et pêcheurs]
Le Bar du Saint-Laurent
Bass in the Hand
Battling Blue Fins
Battling with Muskies
Beautiful Bonne Bay
Bella Coola Indians of British Columbia
Big Island
Big Northern Pike
Bluefin Rodeo
Bluenose Schooner
Bluenose Shore
Bonanza at Great Bear
Byways of New France
Canada's East Coast Playground
Canada's Harvest of Fish
Canada's Tackle Busters
Canadian Fisheries
Capelin Fishing in Atlantic Canada
Cast of Three
Chasse et pêche à Kipawa
Coast Salish Indians of British Columbia
Corral and Cree Indians
Cree Lake
Danish Seining
Dans les bois du Québec
De l'eau à la bouche
Dogrib Treaty
Downstream to the Sea
Duel in the Pool
En pays pittoresque : un documentaire sur la Gaspésie
En taquinant la truite
Family Fishing
Family Outing
Fish and Medicine Men
Fisheries of the Great Slave
Fishermen of the Atlantic
Fishing at the Stone Weir
Fishing in Newfoundland
Fishing the Last Frontier
The Five Faces of Quebec
Flashing Silver
Food for Thought
Free from Care
From Coast to Coast
Gatineau Bass
Giants of the New Frontier
God Is Not a Fish Inspector
Gone Fishing
Grounds for Fishing
Happy Fishing Ground
Happy Fishing Grounds
Holidays in Kipiwa
Hook Line and Sinker
Hook, Line and Safety
Hot and Happy
Ici les Laurentides
Ikpuck the Igloo Dweller
Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine
In the Shadow of the Pole
Indian Fishing Methods Fraser River
L'Industrie du homard aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine
Inupiatun : In the Manner of The Eskimo
Kawartha Muskys
Kootenay Lake Holiday
L'Île d'Orléans
La Pêche
La Pêche au saumon et à la truite en Gaspésie
La Rivière du Gouffre
Lakehead Nipigon Holiday
Le Paradis du pêcheur
Le Parc national des Laurentides
Le Sentier du pêcheur
[Le Toubib]
Les Émotions de la pêche dans le Québec
Les Éperlans
Let's Go Fishing
Manitoulin Holiday
Memo to Mom
Mighty Muskie
Mission to Muskoka
Nass River Indians
New Brunswick Summer
New Nova Scotia
Newfoundland Scene : A Tale of Outport Adventure
Nootka Indians of British Columbia
North Superior Shore
Northwest Miramichi
Nova Scotia Holiday
Nova Scotia Saga
Otter Trawling
Out to the Winter Sea
Outdoors Country
Panoramas du Québec
Pay-Dirt Angling
Pêche à la cabane
Pisciculture, les truites
Pour une saveur exquise
Project Muskie
Quebec Bass
Quebec Red Trout
Quebec Reel
Quebec Vacation
Rainbows in Quebec
Réalisations techniques au service du public
Rocky Mountain Trout
Rural Québec Folkways
Salade économique
Salmon for Food
Salmon Run
Salt Water Angling
Saskatchewan Fly Fishing
Sea Fare : Deep Sea
Silver Harvest
Sky Fishing
Speckled Trout
Spinning for Speckles
Sportsman's Seventh Heaven
Sportsmen Show
Spring Fever
Summer in Old Quebec
Summer of the Loucheux : A Portrait of a Northern Indian Family
Summer Resorts in Ontario
Tabusintac Holiday
The Acadians
The Angler's Paradise
The Arctic Patrol
The Atlantic Salmon in Newfoundland
The Carrier Indians of British Columbia
The Challenge of the Labrador
The Fishing Parson
The Gateway of the North : City of North Bay
The Herring Hunters
The Igloo Dwellers
The Inside Story
The Spy of Nictau
The Story of Canadian Salmon
The Trout Lake Cree
This Is Nova Scotia
Three Trout to Dream About
Tides of Fundy
Tied to the Sea
Tight Lines
Tobique Secrets : Movie Notes from the Diary of a Guide in the Nactau Lake Country of Northern New Brunswick
Traps and Snares in Winter
Trout Time
Tsimshian Indians of Skeena River British Columbia
Two Points North
Up in the Border Country
Vacances au Québec
Vacation in Québec
Waters of the Whiteshell
Weekend Fisherman
Weekend Fisherman : French River
Weekend Fisherman : Gananoque
Weekend Fisherman : Jordan
Weekend Fisherman : Long Point
Weekend Fisherman : St. Clair
Weekend Fisherman : Sudbury
Weekend Fisherman : West Coast Coho
When Summer Comes
Why Not You? In Kipawa, Hunter's Fairyland
Wonderland of Gaspé
[Chasse et pêche]
[Lac Neigette, Rimouski]
[Pêche à la morue et au flétan]
[Pêche à la ouananiche]
[Pêche à La Roche, Parc de Laurentides]
[Pêche à la truite au lac Dégelis]
[Pêche au homard]
[Pêche au saumon sur la Grande Rivière]
[Pêche commerciale du saumon]
[Pique-nique au saumon]
[Recherches océanographiques de l'Université Laval]