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Educational films

100,000 Children
À six ans, un magnétophone
The Abbey on Monte Cassino
Aborted - Cross Country
Accidentally Yours [1952]
Activities and Equipment for Young Children
Adieu, Monsieur le professeur
Advanced Rock Climbing
L'Âge des fleurs
The Age of Turmoil
All the Guys Ever Want Is S.E.X. : Romance, Sex and Marriage
Alouette - Canada's First Satellite
An Adventure in Taste
An Unexplained Injury
Ancient Roots of the Modern World
Ancient Roots of the Modern World : Philosophy of Aristotle
Ancient Roots of the Modern World : Plato's Republic
Ancient Roots of the Modern World : Socrates, Plato and Aristotle
And Sow Tomorrow
Animal Population and Activity
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
Animals in Armour
Anti-Marijuana Film
Applications thermiques du bâtiment
Appointment with Youth
Apprentissage et mouvement
Are You Safe at Home?
Articulatory Habits
Les As de pique
As I Am
Les Assiettes logiques
Les Astronautes ensemblistes
Astronomical Aspects
At Home Between the Tides
At Your Fingertips
Atelier de travail sur la gestion scolaire I
Atelier de travail sur la gestion scolaire II
Atomic Energy in Canada
Attitudes About Attitudes
Attribution of Motives
Au seuil de l'école
Au seuil de l'opératoire
Audiovision no 17
Auprès de ma blonde
Avon in Canada
Aware Program Advertisements : Driving Test
Babel P.Q.
Bas de laine et papier-monnaie
Basic Horse Training
Basic Metallurgy and Material Specification : Welding Test and Inspection
Basic Rock Climbing
Bears and Man
Beaver Dam
Beekeeping : Preparation and Hiving
Bella Coola Indians of British Columbia
A Better Way
Beyond A Doubt : Revolution : Without A Doubt
Big Knife : Daniel Harmon
The Big Seat
Biological Control
Blackfoot Indians of Alberta
Bois et forêts 71
Bon appétit
Bonjour monsieur Turgeon
Boundary Migration in Plastic Crystals : Grain Growth in Transparent Materials
Breaking the Solonetzic Barrier
Breast Cancer
Bush First Aid
By Their Own Strength
C'est simple quand on sait s'y prendre
La Cachette
Call Me Dad
Campus on the Move
Canada at 8.30
Canada Produced
Canadian Grain
Canadian Power
Canadian Ski Alliance : One Good Turn
Canadian Wheat
Cancer Is a Word
Canine Crimebusters
The Carrier Indians of British Columbia
Ce que je reçois pour mon argent
Cheenama the Trailmaker : An Indian Idyll of Old Ontario
Child Abuse : Cradle of Violence
Child Care and Development
Childbirth... the Changing Sounds
Children's Emotions
La Chimie du feu
Chimie industrielle (analyse)
Le Choc de la sortie
The Choice Is Yours
Choosing a Doctor
Chronique d'une observation
A Cinematic View of Kinematics
The Circle of Magnetism
The Classic Egg
Clean Water It's Your Decision
Close That Sale
Closed Feed Water System
Coast Salish Indians of British Columbia
Le Coeur du réseau
Cold Water : The Silent Killer
Cold Water : The Silent Killer
The Collective Bargaining Process
Colonel By's Town
Comment utiliser mon argent
The Common Law
Communication : Barriers and Pathways
Communication à 13 ans
Community Health Is Up to You
Conquête constructive
La Construction
Les Corps érotiques
Cotton Made in Canada
Cours audio-visuel de français, langue seconde
Creating a Storyboard
Creative Drama
Le Credo du paysan
A Crystal from the Sun
CUSO in Education
CUSO in Forestry : Malaysia
Le Cycle de l'eau
D'une part
David Suzuki
David Thompson, Map Maker : 1837
Des outils hors de prix : les mains
Des petits soins qui font grand bien
Design to Music
Le Deuxième souffle
Dialogue avec la terre
Did You Know That?
Did You Know That? Eighth Edition
Did You Know That? Fifth Edition
Did You Know That? Fourth Edition
Did You Know That? Second Edition
Did You Know That? Sixth Edition
Did You Know That? Third Edition
Dimensions de la classe
Discipline During Adolescence
Do It with Joy
Drumming and Glossolalia
Du rendement présent et futur produit
Duel in the Pool
E. Lindner
Eagles on the River
Écoutez, observez... et notez
Education for Childbirth : A Normal Birth
The Education of the New Canadian
Electrical Strain Gauge Mounting
The Elements of Brickwork
Emotional Factors in General Practice : Their Recognition and Management
Emotional Maturity
En montagne
Energy Forever : Newfoundland and Canada Meeting the Challenge of Labrador Power Development
Energy in Canada, Feast or Famine?
Energy Management for the Future
L'Enfant et les mathématiques
Enough and for All
Envy : It Serves Him Right
Episode in Valleydale
Equine Breeding : Methods and Technique
Eruption on Heimaey
Essai baroque sur la créativité des enfants
The Essence of Life
Estevan, the City with Power to Burn
Everybody's Handicapped
Exercices de respiration pour la femme enceinte
Exploring Prairie and Coulee in Winter
Exploring the Forest in Winter
Explosive Actuated Tools : Part One - Introduction
Explosive Actuated Tools : Part Three - High Velocity
Explosive Actuated Tools : Part Two - Low Velocity
Export for Profit and Survival
The Face of an Addict
The Faces of Depression : A Phenomenological Approach to the Depression Syndrome
Farm at Flare Square
Farmers Factory Day
Father Lacombe
Faut-il avoir peur de l'ordinateur?
Fear : "I Just Can't Do It!"
Fertility Control
La Fête
Filmqlish : Has Had
Finger Painting
Fires of Spring