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Animated films

A Cinematic View of Kinematics
A Matter of Attitudes
A Matter of Job Protection
A Moveable Feast
A New Future Lies North
A River Creates an Industry : The Saguenay River Aluminum Production in Canada
Abitibi Canyon : A Story of a Conquest of a River
Adventure in Telezonia
Ambassador Extraordinary
Aménagement rural-ressources
Articulatory Habits
Aware Program Advertisements : Driving Test
Boogie Woogie Sioux
Breast Cancer
Canadian Diabetic Spot : Symptoms
Canadian Wheat
Cancer Is a Word
Capelin Fishing in Atlantic Canada
CBC Butterfly
Certo : Jelly and Jam Session
Child Behaviour Equals You : Child Behaviour
Christmas Cracker
Closed Feed Water System
Coal Gas
Crops Not Weeds
Direct Observation of the Flow of Molten Steel in Sand Moulds, Part One : Horizontal Gating Systems for Steel Castings
Each Year They Come
Energetically Yours
Energy Forever : Newfoundland and Canada Meeting the Challenge of Labrador Power Development
Epidural Anaesthesia for Vaginal Delivery in Obstetrics
Equality for Agriculture
Exercices de respiration pour la femme enceinte
Family Album
Federal Express
First Aid to the Injured
The First Village of Importance
Football Fax
Forest Highways
Friendly Interchange
G Hygiene
Gasoline for Everybody
Go Find a Country
The Great Lakes
Habitudes articulatoires en français et en anglais
Hallelujah Darwin
Hearts and Soles
Heredity and Pre-Natal Development
Hold Back the Night
Holiday Island
Kumak, the Sleepy Hunter
La Pratique de l'allaitement
Legend of the Raven
Life and Breath
The Loon's Necklace
Lung Love
Man Made Rain
A Mile Below the Wheat
Milling and Smelting the Sudbury Nickel Ores
Mining for Nickel
Motorsport Canada 1975
Moving Plates and Continents
New Dimensions
New Mill... New Richmond
New Nova Scotia
Next Time You Spill the Beans
Northern Ontario
Operation Ennadai 1
Our Valley
Packaged Power
Packaged Power II
Peace River Progress
Place Bonaventure Presents : The Trade Machine
Power from the Atom
Power in Perpetuity
Refining Precious Metals from Sudbury Nickel Ores
Refining the Sudbury Nickel Ores
Régie de l'assurance-dépôts
Run Young
Sex, Booze and Blues and Those Pills You Use
Sifto Salt
Skiing in Cloudland
Snow Fighters
Some Concepts in Reaction Dynamics
Sorting Out Sorting
Story of St. Nick
Symbol of Security
Team Play : Defense
The Calcium Chloride Road
The Color Computer
The Conquest of Time
The Fenestration Operation for Otosclerosis
The Herring Hunters
The Home of the Bell Telephone Company of Canada
The Hopper
The House the Wasp Built
The Jet Age
The New Age of Iron
The Nightingale
The Powerful Horseshoe
The Pre-Approach
The Road to Plenty
The Speech Chain
The Tales of the Wizard of Oz : Brain Child
The Venereal Diseases
The Years, the Seasons and the Days
Through the Woods
Tides of Fundy
Toi qui changes
Une méthode de neuroleptanesthésie pour la chirurgie de l'oeil
Very Dangerous
Vous voilà maman
Watching Wild Wings
Water for Montrealers
What Makes Them Run?
Why Won't Tommy Eat?
The Winning of Nickel
You and the Aerospace Future
[Construction that Endures]