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Animals: wildlife

Adventure High Arctic
Les Ailes sur la Péninsule
Along the Gaspé Road
Animal Population and Activity
Animals in Armour
L'Anse Tabatière
Arbres et bêtes
Arctic Goose Hunt
The Arctic Patrol
At Home Between the Tides
Attracting Birds in Winter
Autumn in Alberta
Banff : The Capital of the Alpine Playground of the Canadian Rockies
Bears and Man
The Beaver Family
The Beaver Makes a Comeback
The Beaver People
Behavior of the Barren-Ground Caribou
Below the Ramparts
Birds of Canada No. 2
Boogie Woogie Sioux
Building Bird Houses
Byways of New France
La Caméra à l'affût de l'orignal
Canada Goose
Canadian Mountain Summer
Castors du Québec
Chasse et pêche à Kipawa
The Cry of the Gull
Duck Havens
Duel in the Pool
Each Year They Come
Enjoy or Destroy
Expedition Moose
Fishing for Facts
Fly Geese F-l-y
Four Seasons
Free from Care
The Fur Industry in Canada
The Geography of Canada
The Harp Seal
High Arctic Close-Up
Hitting the Jackpot in Alberta
The Hooded Seal
Hunting Without a Gun
Les Îles du Saint-Laurent
Les Îles Mingan
In the Shadow of the Pole
Jackpine Journey
Journée de vacances
Journey to the End of the Year (Parts 1 and 2)
Kimberley in the Kootenays
Let's Talk Hunting
Life Zones of the Central Rockies
Manitoba : Everyman's Wilderness
Marine Holiday West Coast Style
Marsh Blackbirds
Meet the Ducks
Mighty Muskie
Moose and Caribou in Newfoundland and Labrador
The Moose Spoofer
A Mooseback in the Miramachi
National Parks
A Naturalist in the Arctic
Newfoundland Sea Birds
Newfoundland Trailer Trip
No Ordinary Highway
North Scope
Nos bêtes
Out of the North
Pays des belles fourrures
Percé et l'Île Bonaventure
Plomb dans l'aile
La Protection du gibier
Realm of the Wild
The Return of the Buffalo
The Ring-Billed Gull
The Ring-Necked Pheasant
Rocky Eden
Salmon for Food
Salmon Run
Saskatchewan Furs from Marsh to Market
The Sensitive Sockeye
Speckled Trout
Spring Fever
St. Roch Sails South
Strange Doings in Beaverland
Symbol of Security
Techniques in Boreal Ecology : Animal Populations and Activity
Tobique Secrets
Toutes isles
The Trail : Men Against the Snow
Trapping '80
Un sport passionnant: la chasse aux images
Valley of the Swans
Voices of the North
A Walk in the Forest
Watching Wild Wings
The Wetlanders
White Throat
Why Not You? In Kipawa, Hunter's Fairyland
With Camera and Gun in Newfoundland
Your Forest Heritage