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Wilderness Treasure

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763 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"This film follows a group of young boys and a male counsellor on a camping trip organized by the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Travelling by canoe, the group explores the pre-Cambrian shield area at Lake of the Woods and are shown setting up campsites, cooking, swimming, fishing and studying the Bible under the guidance of their counsellor. The appreciation of nature through the Bible is emphasized as the narrator expresses: 'Under wise leadership their eyes may be opened to other wonders of this world which God has made and to the Creator Himself'. The beauty of the wilderness and the wonder of the boys are captured on camera."


Film News 20, no.3 (1963): 10.

"15th Annual Canadian Film Awards: May 10th [...] In 'Travel and Recreation' Wilderness Treasure (produced by William Mason and Wilber Sutherland for the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship) and Grey Cup Festival '62 (by Chetwynd Films for Molson's Brewery) took the honours."