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A Tale of New Cities

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1070 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"Using a fictional format, the film explains all aspects of city planning. The film opens in Ancient Greece where Hippodermus is complaining about the housing situation. He is transported to Stratford, Ontario, a town where town planning is a reality. There he meets George Holden, one of the first citizens to get involved in the issue, who helped organize the Planning and Development Council. Holden introduces him to Jim Knight, the former City Parks Commissioner and then to Dr. Prescott, the consultant hired by Stratford to develop a plan. Dr. Prescott explains theory, as well as the practical application of planning theories in Stratford. Finally, we meet Ed O'Connor, a city counsellor, who explains how the financing works, and Mr. West of the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation who explains individual mortgage deals. Hippodermus then jumps to 1976 where he views the successful completion of Stratford's planning. It is probable that all town officials are played by the actual officials. Between each of Hippodermus' visits, he travels through Stratford, affording several sequences showing Stratford in 1946."