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Sexuality and Communication

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2175 (16mm)
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University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta: 16mm, DVD.
"Drs. Beryl A. and Avinoam B. Chernick, a husband and wife medical team, deal with miscommunication concerning sexual information and sexual functioning of males and females."

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario: 16mm.
"Reel 1 In this symposium held at the Ontario Science Centre, Drs. Beryl and Avinoam Cherniak discuss the stages of sexual intercourse and the sometimes painful result of pelvic congestion in the unfulfilled female, a hypothetical patient called Mrs. Jones, role-played by Beryl Cherniak. The humorous exchanges between the Cherniaks help to dispel some of the myths surrounding the stages of excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution, as well as those surrounding delicate topics such as masturbation. Beryl Cherniak emphasizes the resolution phase, saying that it is a state of comfort and well-being that should be shared by caring partners. Reel 2 In this section we meet Mr Jones, played by Avinoam Cherniak. As a result of work and home pressures, he, too is suffering a common sexual problem, premature ejaculation. Both his and Mrs. Jones' problems are a result of preconditioned negative attitudes and feelings about sex and their roles in life. The dysfunction is aggravated by the mounting tension in the home. Such a cycle may lead to impotence in the man or frigidity in the woman, both of which can be treated by conditioning. The Cherniaks explain that the Jones' marriage cycle is at a point which creates anxiety and depression as a result of fallen expectations and double standards. Communication, then, is the root of the problem, not sex. If the Jones' are taught effective communication methods, and if they learn to share their happiness as well as their disappointments in life, their sexual and other interpersonal problems will lessen or disappear."

University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario: 16mm.

University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario: 16mm.

Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"At an Ontario Science Centre symposium, husband and wife team Drs. Avindam and Beryl Chernick use role-playing to discuss and explain the four physiological phases in human sexual response. Drs. Chernick examine societal expectations of males and females influencing their sexuality; the components of sexual performance; sexual dysfunction (premature ejaculation and lack of female response); and the importance of communication between partners."

"Educational film about sexuality and the importance of verbal communication in relationships. A husband and wife medical team, Avinoarn and Beryl Chernick, use role-playing to explain the physiological and psychological aspects of intimacy."