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Scouts '68

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Production Years: 
1967 to 1968
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"This is a bright, colourful, amusing little film, using graphics and some animation with extensive camera movement. It tells about the new Boy Scout program designed for boys aged 11 to 14, which took three years of research to develop. It was found that Scouters work best with small groups of boys, understanding is essential, and opportunities for leadership must be provided. An Achievement Badge and Award Scheme promotes fitness, increases community experience, stimulates outdoor activities and encourages service. A Scout may become a Pioneer, Voyageur or Pathfinder. Together with other skills, the boys must learn first-aid and safety rules. A funny sequence illustrates the incorrect method of bandaging by a cross-eyed Boy Scout of a man who is a hopeless mess of bandages and splints."