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At the Sandpits

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Length (feet): 
641 (35mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, 35mm, VHS, Digibeta.
"Amateur film entitled AT THE SANDPITS. Intertitle: But First Comes the Dirty Work. Woman making sandwiches in kitchen; people of all ages attending a picnic, enjoying sandwiches. Intertitle: Dining Deluxe. Older folks enjoying a picnic inside an automobile. Intertitle: Here's Relaxation. Older man seated on blanket enjoying his pipe; kids running towards sandpits; slow motion filming of kids and dog running into sandpits. Intertitle with title zoom effect: Sand. Intertitle: Buried Alive. Reverse shot effect of boy being buried in sand. Intertitle: A Handicap Race - To the Creek. Intertitle: Let's Build a Dam. Kids building a dam in the sand. Intertitle: Accidents Will Happen - Meanwhile - Back Up the Hill. Kids running back up the hill. Intertitle: Let's Play Ball - Batter Up! Kids playing baseball. Budge Crawley may be at bat. Intertitle: No Man's Land - The High Spot of the Afternoon - For - The Apes. Boys diving into water. Intertitle: Har Sheds Water Like a Duck. Special lens focus on kids swimming. Intertitle: Dulcie's Lost. Girl is found sleeping in grassy area; homeward bound in cars; shot of two girls in bathtub and then off to bed. Girls wake up after having a nightmare where three heads are hanging on a wall and a fourth woman is being attacked by a man. Her head is chopped off and added alongside the three other hanging heads."