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Russia and Canada

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Polar Expansion : North America and Russia
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"A comparison of Canadian and Soviet development of the Arctic regions, including extensive footage of Russian settlements in the North. The film reviews the Soviet Union's long history of exploration, scientific research and industrial development in its northern regions, beginning in the early 1930's and compares this to Canada's small-scale and intermittent forays into the Canadian North, including the voyage of the St-Roch, aerial mapping surveys, the presence of the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Distant Early Warning (DEW) stations, and the recent development of mineral resources, particularly in Ungava. Geographical differences in Canada and the USSR, such as the number of rivers, are discussed, as is their impact on the rate of development, as well as population size and form of government. American involvement in strategic military operations is also discussed. The film concludes with the warning that if Canada does not step up its development program for the Arctic region, the country risks forfeiting its sovereignety claims and the Americans will gain greater ground in the North. "

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