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Queen's University at Kingston

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800 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS.
"Film about the attractions of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. It begins with scenic views of Kingston and the old fortifications in the area, such as Old Fort Henry, followed by shots of industrial buildings and stately limestone homes. Queen's students arrive by Canadian National Railways train and go to residences, student cooperatives and rooms in Kingston homes. The narrator explains that students come from various far-flung locations. Footage shows students in class, getting advice from faculty, School of Mining students on a field trip, students in various laboratories, medical students observing a patient, students at a lecture, students in discussion groups, a language lab, students and professors seated outdoors during summer school, ballet students practising on a lawn, art students drawing and painting at an outdoor market, scientific research by graduate students, students reading in the main reading room, the Queen's University Pipe Band and highland dancers performing at a football game, a crowd cheering for the university football team, college songs, boxers sparring, swimming, skiing, musicians, signs for various clubs and activities, cheerleaders, a swordfight during a performance of Hamlet, the exteriors of various buildings, stained glass windows and other architectural features. The narrator gives a history of the university and describes the first building on the campus. Next, the narrator describes some specific buildings, notably Grant Hall, site of graduation ceremonies. Other footage shows students in graduation gowns, a square dance, a speech, students writing a test, and more building exteriors."

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario: 16mm.