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The Quality of Mercy

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375 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS, 1".
"The role of the Red Cross in wartime both in the theatres of war and on the home front. It includes scenes of: soldiers being treated in hospital; Red Cross workers helping the blind; rehabilitating the injured; administrative workers at a military hospital; blood donor clinics; the wounded returning to Canada; supplies; welcoming war brides; women in the different uniforms of the Canadian Red Cross Corps; women marching; Red Cross workers eating in cafeteria; Red Cross vehicles such as ambulances and a mobile canteen; ship; Red Cross workers touring London, England; Burlington Gardens; Red Cross workers helping Canadian soldiers; Red Cross Club in England; transporting the wounded; helping hospitalized soldiers; St. Dunstan's Hospital for the Blind; Red Cross workers there, helping the blind; Red Cross ambulances driving along road overseas; women repairing ambulances and helping wounded soldiers. The film begins and ends with part of a prayer by the Reverend Canon Gilbert Oliver."