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The Playground of a Continent

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1008 (28mm), 792 (35mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 28mm, 35mm, VHS.
"This film promotes tourism in the Muskoka region of Ontario. Part one introduces the natural beauty of the region by using poetry and expressive shots of lake and shore scenery. The film then narrates a boat journey past some places of interest: leaving Muskoka Wharf; arriving at Beaumaris; passing through Indian River to arrive at Port Carling; the canal lock; crowds of people at the shore; continuing on the river to Lake Rousseau; approaching the port at Windermere; arriving at the Royal Muskoka Hotel. Part one concludes with shots of the hotel and its grounds, and activities of its guests including golf and swimming. Part two continues the tour through Muskoka. Visitors are shown walking through trails in the woods; visiting Rousseau Town; playing tennis and lawn bowling; canoeing on the river. Special attention is paid to the annual Port Carling regatta and the large crowds watching canoe races, swimming, canoe jousting and tug of war, and other games. The journey continues to Bala falls and a train arriving at Bala station where crowds board the train to return home."

Silent with English intertitles Original 28mm version tinted yellow.