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Paper Sculpture

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Alternate Titles: 
Les Bouts d'chou créent des figurines
French version
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Length (feet): 
175 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"Part 1 of a four-part series which suggests various arts and crafts activities for children. PAPER SCULPTURE explains how to make figurines using construction paper, glue and paint. Various examples are shown and several ways of making them are explained (cutting, folding, glueing, using tubes etc.). A group of children make several characters from a circus."


Walter Herbert, "The Canadian Film Awards," Film News 13, no. 5 (1953): 4.
"Non Government Sponsored - (Cont.) LES BOUTS D'CHOU (Creative Hands series), Crawley Films."

Walter Herbert, "The Canadian Film Awards," Film News 13, no. 5 (1953): 4.
[Still shot of film; caption reads:] "Special Awards went to [...] the CREATIVE HANDS series (Crawley, for International Film Bureau, Chicago)."

Service de ciné-photographie de la province de Québec, Films 16mm: édition 1956-57 (Quebec City: Service de ciné-photographie, 1956): 130.
"Des ciseaux, du papier, un peu de colle et l'imagination des p'tits bouts d'chou font sortir du domaine de la fantaisie les figurines les plus amusantes."