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Our Youth in Training

Accession number: 
Production Years: 
1920 to 1921
Film Properties: 
Length (feet): 
602 (28mm); 619 (35mm)
Holding Institutions: 

Library and Archives Canada: 28mm, 35mm.
"Film about physical and military drills demonstrated by Ontario students and military cadets. The film starts with the following intertitle: 'The educational system of Ontario is being developed with full realization of the importance of a sound physical basis.' 'The work of a well-organized department is reflected in the showing of Hamilton Technical and High School students.' Cadets wearing military garb are exercising outdoors using poles as makeshift rifles and swords. Shot of a group of cadets doing semaphore exercises. Shot of group of students taking off army jackets and side-caps, rifles shown lying in the foreground as the students do calisthenics. Shots of students doing high jump dressed in track and field shorts and t-shirts. Students without jackets jumping over pommel horse. Group of students in full military garb doing calisthenics. 'Physical condition was one of the big factors in the efficiency of Canadian Forces during the Great War.' Shot of the start of a running race as a group of runners leave the starting line. Group of cadets in army uniforms marching past, one of whom is carrying a large flag of the Union Jack. Students in ranks going through manoeuvres with rifles. Another shot of a march past under the Union Jack. 'Loyal interest and pride in their work means PROFICIENCY for these lads.' A large contingent of students march past a saluting officer. Shots of marching students going through various formation drills. After breaking the ranks in one shot the students toss up their caps and wave them. 'Hamilton takes pride in her boys, and their parade evokes as much interest as that of a crack regiment.' Shot of a street parade in main street somewhere in Hamilton. Bystanders, cars and streetcars pass by as the students march down one side of the street. 'Good health is the framework for individual proficiency and national vitality and strength. Help your government to encourage physical training'."