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Operation Integrated

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545 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"The film begins with a review of the housing situation during the 1930s (over-crowding) and the growing demand for new housing during and after the Second World War. The film explains the Integrated Housing Plan, legislated under the National Housing Act and administered by the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The narrator, using puppets, explains in detail the role and responsibilities of the war veteran wishing to purchase a home; of the builder wishing to participate in the Plan; of the financial lending institution which oversees the mortgages; and CMHC, which acts as agent for the government. The film includes footage of several subdivisions built (or being built) under the Plan. Included are Montreal, Wildwood Park in Winnipeg/Fort Garry; and Willingdon Heights in Vancouver, the largest with 600 houses. The film emphasizes the excellent design of the houses, the planning work done in each subdivision, and the high construction standards."