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The Observer : Bank Holdup

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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"Visuals of Plantagenet, Ontario, re-enactment of bank robbery juxtaposed with interviews and sound effects of a bell clanging, running footsteps down hallway, gunfire, and machinery. Interview with men who work near the Royal Bank of Canada in Plantagenet, Ontario, which was held up. They recount what they heard and saw of the event. Apparently, people knew that the Ontario, Provincial Police were observing the bank for some time previous to the hold-up. When they heard the shots of a sub-machine gun, they knew it was a hold-up. Eyewitness accounts of the robbery were given by people who were in the bank at the time of the robbery, people who saw the getaway car and a man who called a doctor for one of the injured robbers."