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The Newcomers : 1847 the Irish

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Production Years: 
1977 to 1978


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Holding Institutions: 

Grand Prairie Regional College, Grand Prairie, Alberta: VHS.

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario: 16mm.
"Seventy-five-year-old Mary Thompson Norris reflects on her life. She recalls her first husband's emigration to the new land and remembers her struggle as a newcomer to southwestern Ontario."

York University, Toronto, Ontario: VHS.
"Seventy-five-year-old Mary Thompson Norris looks back on her life. She recalls the poverty of her native country, Ireland; her first husband's emigration to the new land; his brutal sea voyage and the prejudice he faced as an Irish Catholic. She remembers her own struggle as a newcomer when she learns her husband has died before her arrival. And finally, she traces the direction her own life took settling in south-western Ontario with her second husband."

Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario: VHS.

Library and Archives Canada: 1/2".