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A Medical Fairy Tale

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700 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS, Betacam.
"An account of the first four months of the lives of the Dionne quintuplets. Focused on is the rigid, medically-based daily routine surrounding the quintuplets. Footage of the Dafoe Hospital is also included. Also shown is: Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe; the house where the quintuplets were born; stills of the newborns and the midwives who delivered them; a clothesline full of laundry; still photographs of Mrs. Dionne and her children; Mr. and Mrs. Dionne; the quints' grandfather; the babies being weighed; crying babies; Mr. and Mrs. Dionne in hospital gowns, touching two of the babies held by Dr. Dafoe; the babies covered by quilts in their first nursery; the babies in their incubator; the babies being moved to their hospital home at the age of four months; Dr. Dafoe looking at them; stills of the babies at five months; the babies warmly wrapped up and in prams on the front porch of the compound; a sign on the building reading 'Dafoe Hospital for Dionne Quintuplets'; a dog in the snow at the bottom of the front steps; and Dr. Dafoe on the porch with the babies."