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Medical Diagnosis : Abused Child

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University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario: 16mm.

Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario: VHS.


University of Waterloo Audiovisual Services Catalog.
"Patrick Watson is host of this docu-drama which follows a specific case of child abuse, re-enacted. The physical signs and symptoms of child abuse that should raise the suspicions of doctors, nurses and other front-line health care workers. How to approach the parents effectively is also addressed in this docu-drama. A manual for training professionals accompanies the seven-part series. Dr Robert Bates, pediatrician and Director of the child abuse program at the Hospital for Sick Children. Cathy Skinner, a Public Health Nurse, arrives in Emergency with Kenny Peters and his mother. Kenny is injured and Cathy, suspecting abuse, has persuaded Nancy to allow Kenny to be examined by a doctor. Dr Robert Bates, of the Child Abuse Team at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, explains that a physician may often be the first person in a position to see child abuse. His or her ability to recognize abuse, and willingness to report suspected cases, may be critically important for the future of that child."