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The Management of Urban Growth and Land Use

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University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario: 16mm.
"The film starts with the narrator describing the population shift in Canada from rural to urban dwelling, and discusses how this shift threatens viable farmland. The problems of unmanaged urbanization are not easy to solve, but have been worked upon in different areas by using different methods. The narrator decribes the British Columbia Land Commission and its use in preserving agricultural land for farming. Next, we move east to Toronto, where the findings of the Ontario Government are discussed in DESIGN FOR DEVELOPMENT: THE TORONTO-CENTRED REGION, a report published in 1970. Following this, the use of public land banks are shown in both urban and rural areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The aid provided to the Atlantic region by the Department of Regional Economic Expansion is described, and the aid provided to Cornwall, Ontario is discussed in detail. The narrator states the department's programs differ, and discusses the points they have in common. He summarizes by repeating the four types of approaches to land management, and states the goal of saving the best agricultural land for farming."