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That Man May Fly

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768 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, Betacam, VHS.
"Documentary on CP Air operations in the late 1940s with view of DC-3s and DC-4s in flight and on the ground, loading and unloading passengers, being serviced and repaired, etc. Footage includes ground views and aerials of various airports, one in Fiji, and of local colour in Fiji, Japan and Hawaii. Footage includes ground and air shots of various unidentified Canadian cities. Part two concentrates on aircrew training, gymnastics, classroom work, time in the Link trainer, etc. Shown is the interior of an airliner, the cockpit, and the cabin with passengers happily accepting lunch from smiling stewardesses. Also shown is the interior of a CP kitchen. The final sequence shows men discussing a model of a Comet jet liner."