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The Lure of Montreal

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1025 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, 16mm, VHS, 1", Betacam.
"Film about tourist sites in and around the city of Montreal. It shows: the waterfront; wharves; docks; the Jacques Cartier Bridge; street scenes; the downtown business section; pedestrians, cars, trucks and streetcars; a police officer directing traffic; Dorval airport; Trans-Canada Airlines plane; stately homes; row housing; tree-lined streets; horse-drawn carriages and wagons on lookout on Mount Royal; tourists at the lookout; view of the city skyline; obelisk on the site of the first landing of the French; old buildings; 17th century towers on Sherbrooke Street West; a mansion on Monkland; ruins of a fort and courtyard built in 1692, which is now obscured by trees; artifacts, such as a pointed stone, white quartz, stone ground to form a scraper for hides, a tomahawk, a copper arrowhead, a guard for a sword hilt and the sword of a military officer of New France; tourists at Fort Chambly, 20 miles from Montreal; Fort Lennox at Ile-aux-Noix; Montreal City Hall; the Chateau de Ramezay; Notre-Dame de Bonsecours Church; shoppers and vendors at Bonsecours Market; St. Sulpice Seminary; the Sun Life Building on Dominion Square; St. James Cathedral; Notre Dame Cathedral; Christ Church Cathedral; St. George's Church; the train stations owned by the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways; Montreal schools; McGill University; the Royal Victoria College; the Royal Victoria Hospital; Hôtel-Dieu Hospital; l'Université de Montréal; St. Joseph's Oratory; the Museum of Fine Arts; the city library; the botanical gardens; Parc Lafontaine; St. Helen's Island; fort and blockhouse on the island; monument to Georges-Étienne Cartier; monument to Maisonneuve; the Nelson monument at the head of Jacques Cartier Square; other monuments; a monument to the 1837 patriotes at the foot of Delorimier Avenue, site of their execution during the winter of 1838-1839; Westmount City Hall; people lawn bowling on Nun's Island in Verdun; monument to Robert Lasalle; and the Lachine Rapids. The voice over narration extols the tourist sites and the bilingual character of Montreal."

Bibliothèques et Archives nationales du Québec, Quebec, Quebec: 16mm, dvd-r.
"Tour de ville de Montréal, ses monuments, édifices, églises, parcs, rues et points de vue et visite de sites historiques de la région, le Fort Lennox, le Fort Chambly et le Fort Senneville."


Gouvernement du Québec: Ministère des Communications, Direction générale du cinéma et de l’audiovisuel, Catalogue des films d’archives, volume 1 (Québec: Éditeur officiel du Québec, 1976), 101.
"La ville de Montréal en 1950. Un tour de ville : monuments, édifices, églises, parcs, rues et points de vue. Visite au fort Lennox, au fort Chambly et au fort Senneville avec détails historiques."

Produced by the Cine-Photography Branch of the Quebec Provincial Publicity Bureau in cooperation with the Quebec Department of Education. Recorded at Associated Screen Studios in Montreal.