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Locomotive 8000

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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, digibeta, VHS.
"Part of a film about the construction of the Canadian Pacific experimental high pressure steam locomotive 8000 at the Angus Shops in Montreal. It begins with the intertitle 'Made in Canada' materials were used wherever possible. The locomotive was completely assembled at the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's Angus Shops, Montreal, Que.' Next is low-angle footage of the locomotive moving toward the camera. The rest of the film consists of intertitles interspersed with shots, mostly close-up of various parts of the locomotive, and some shots of workers making some parts. Shown are: the crank axle; turning the 'tyres'; crank axle assembly with wheels mounted; forging a main rod; finishing the high pressure main rod; machining the main journal bearings; the high pressure cylinder and buffer beam casting; the low pressure cylinder; the valve family (showing large and small valves 'Grandpa' and 'Baby'; the high pressure piston and valve; the feed water heater and an intertitle only, with no subsequent footage for the low pressure boiler. The final intertitle on the reel is in a different font. The reel ends abruptly."


Motion Picture Distributors and Exhibitors of Canada, Canadian Motion Pictures 1914-1932 (June 1932), 6.