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Kawartha Muskys

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Kawartha Muskeys
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750 (35mm); 300 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, 16mm, 3/4".
"Pictoral narrative about a fishing trip in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. It shows: canoeing on a lake; row of small wooden cottages along the shore of Lovesick Lake; Ozark Ripley, writer of outdoor stories, and 'Indian Al' looking at muskelunge mounted on a wall in one of the huts; Ozark and Al sitting on the steps of a hut choosing their fishing bait and equipment; close-up of supplies in tackle box; Ozark and Al setting off with their tackle boxes and fishing poles; three other fishermen walk behind them; fishermen getting into two canoes and paddling off; finding a good spot for casting their lines; bait castings; close-up of the two men fishing; close-up of Ozark's face; Ojibway method of catching fish (clubbing the fish); close-up of Indian Al smoking a pipe; Indian Al catching another fish; changing to surface lure to catch fish in shallow water along the rice beds; canoes going through the locks between Lovesick Lake and Stony Lake; catching a fish in Stony Lake; close-up of Scotty, a guide in the Kawarthas, paddling a canoe; Ozark and a novice fisherman fishing; catching another fish; paddling to shore; dressing (cleaning) the fish; the group sitting around a fire, frying fish; close-up of a table spread with various foods; paddling back to camp at sunset. Associated Screen News logo at the end."


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Ozark Ripley is also credited for titles.